How to get a new LPG gas connection?

LPG gas connection
LPG gas connection


LPG is a house fuel that is commonly used by many households for various purposes on da daily basis. Liquefied petroleum gas has been used as a fuel for quite a few years now. The gas is supplied to households via cylinders. There are three primary production and providing companies doing the task in India. They are Hindustan petroleum, Indane, and Bharat gas. The LPG cylinders have also been a part of various government policies in which gas is supplied to the rural areas to decrease the pollution and provide better services to rural households.

How to get a new LPG gas connection:

The new gas connection is now readily available through online portals. The process doesn’t take much time. It can be completed while sitting at home and relaxing. 

The process takes a few simple steps :

  1. The necessary and foremost step is effortless, the person has to open the web portal of their chosen gas service provider. After visiting the website, they need to click on the “get new connection option and follow the steps carefully reading everything. 
  • Before the process starts, a consumer needs to have a valid account on the website. The person needs to open the website and click on the create a new account and log in to continue with the process. 
  • The payment option can also be completed now via online portals through various options such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and so on. 

Documentation required:

The process of getting a new gas connection is incomplete without the complete fulfillment of the documents required. The materials need to be scanned and submitted as per the requirement. 

The list of essential documents include:

·        Proof of Identity Documents:

A list of materials can be used as proof of identity by the individual and is acceptable by the gas companies. This proof of identity must be checked in the list of tests as acceptable before uploading. The size is also specified, which should be checked before uploading the documents.

· Passport

· PAN Card

· Aadhar card

· Driving Licence

· A photo ID issued by the government of India.

·        Proof of Address Documents:

Any of the following documents can be submitted as proof of address and is accepted by the government. The address proof again has a specified size which needs to be followed. 

· Passport

· Driver’s Licence

· Ration card

· Aadhar card

· House Registration Document

· Any recent Utility Bills such as the Electricity/Telephone/Water Bill.

· Bank passbook

· Statement of the debit or credit card in use.

· Passport-sized photographs

Cost of an LPG Gas Connection

According to the new law, whosoever applies for an LPG connection shall now also be charged for the regulator and the processing fee along with the LPG cylinder. 

Buyers across India except for seven states of northeastern India, have to reimburse with a payment of Rs. 1450 for a 14.2 kg cylinder.

Besides this, an inclusive reimbursement of Rs. One thousand five hundred for the regulator and affixed Rs. 150 – Rs. 190 for the pressure valve, which is exclusive of the cost demanded by the LPG supplier for the cylinder.

The down-payment varies as per the suppliers, and with that, the security deposit each company charges also varies with the weight of the gas cylinder. For a 5kg gas cylinder, the sum to be deposited as security money would generally be Rs. 350.

And a separate fee is charged for the installation of the cylinder and everything by a mechanic for which he charges approximately Rs.75 per visit, and the company recommends one compulsory visit every two years.

New Gas Connection Eligibility

It does not matter whether an individual is living in an urban or a rural setting; both environments can suitably apply for an LPG connection. For personal usage, as per governmental law, there can only be one gas connection in one house from either Bharat Gas / HP Gas/ Indane Gas.