Moving to Dubai can be exciting. Although, as it is with any place that’s not home, relocating can be nerve-racking in this emirate as well. There’s a lot to consider and the odds seem to be everything but favourable.  

We can agree that the process of moving can be overwhelming, with the most difficult task being finding the perfect place to live. Having a place to stay can cut your relocation troubles in half.

So, let’s get right down to how you can find the ideal apartment for rent in Dubai:

Set a Budget

Whether you’re coming over for employment or starting a business of your own, you’ll have a monthly budget. This will be based entirely on your income. To help you with the division, let’s consider this breakdown:

  • 30% for rent
  • 20% for utilities and essential groceries
  • 20% walkaround pocket money
  • 30% savings

Keep in mind that the more you save, the better your stay in the emirate will be. It’s easy to overestimate your budget and underestimate your capacity to spend. Being the centre of luxury and opulent living, Dubai can be expensive even for a millionaire.

Consider Your Location Needs

We all want a home in a location that meets our individual needs. Finding something appropriate at the far edge of the city won’t be worth it if your workplace is on the other end. Similarly, being in the central localities such as Dubai Marina can cost you a lot.

The idea is to look for a location that’s near your workplace and provides everything you need from a neighbourhood. This can include your environmental preferences, as well as amenities such as the presence of commercial markets and retail options, parks or beaches, etc. Your needs can also focus on facilities such as gyms, fitness centres, swimming pools, community centres, sports clubs, etc.

It’s crucial that you understand how location influences real estate value. That’s because you’ll be weighing options that vary significantly in their rental rates. Resist the urge to go for luxury and choose convenience and savings above all else. However, that doesn’t mean you stuff your family in a 2bhk flat. One can even find a villa for the price of a 3bhk in an expensive community. So, if you do your homework, you might be able to land a comfortable place with all the necessities close by.

Take Professional Help

Your research will be decisive in your apartment hunt. That’s why we recommend using property portals such as Zoom Property to find plausible options. It’s not recommended to consider every property solely based on the pictures provided, although it will help you get an understanding of the market. Surfing the web can reveal a lot of data, including reviews and opinions of residents and experts about specific localities, developments and communities.  

In addition to this, hiring real estate agents can be very advantageous. Not only are these local experts well familiar with the city, but they’re also experienced in handling clients and legal proceedings. Needless to say, even though the DLD’s modernized system is easy for everyone, you will need professionals who can get you through without any complications.

Visit, Revisit and then Visit Again

People are very likely to make the mistake of being hasty in their dealings. This often results in an unfavourable deal being signed and the resulting consequences are regretful, to say the least.

Moreover, you can never underestimate the importance of property visits. You can ask your agent to rearrange visits several times to check if you are missing anything. Take as many pictures and videos as you can of possible places and keep them all in view. Rating and ranking places in accordance with your preferences and priorities can help you stay organized.

You need to make sure that every inch of the property has been evaluated. No signs of property damage defaulted history of taxation and registration, or even environmental problems should exist. A good-looking residence might turn out to be very noisy in some parts of the day.

Similarly, there are several apartments available for rent in high-rise complexes and towers. Since it’s not a standalone property, it will have a similar infrastructure as the rest of the apartments in it. Ask neighbours and retailers about the area and the property in particular. You’ll have much better luck finding problems with a property in a complex or building by talking to other residents.

The above-mentioned tips have helped countless individuals easily relocate to the emirate without facing too much hassle. You can do the same and save yourself a world of trouble.