A statement piece is something or pieces in your home that will make anyone realize it is your unique home. They may either be your furniture, wall paintings, the fabrics, your photos, and even the scent of your home. The uniqueness of your home depicts the entire presence in someone’s mind that makes it a statement piece of your home to remember.

Most of the statement pieces are so unique that they were made to order. Some ask for help from professional interior designers. Most of these pieces were bold, large, brilliant in colors, and very expensive as someone handily made them. However, to make statement pieces that are both entertaining and functional at home, should never mean a big expenditure.

Here are some ways to create such inviting statement pieces in our homes.

Matching colors

Colors make a significant change and styles in our homes. They convey deep thoughts in our mood. We usually set our color combinations according to our favorite one. With this, we can also make matching colors with our chosen hue.

Warm hues make our home inviting to rest. For walls with plain white colors, you may combine them with fabrics and furniture of the same color. This makes a greater effect on the color wheel pattern. Besides, it may comfort our eyes during rest.

If you love art, you need everyone to show your passion and desire. Art is the best way to convey an expression. However, having an art piece never means an expensive artifact.

In today’s era, art can be in any form in the house. A known artist need not make paintings. You may use printed images instead of paintings. However, if you want paintings that were made by a professional artist, you may always print them to make a replica. The frame is the best asset to have an elegant look.

Use easy to clean carpet

Carpets should match our wall colors. Even to the form and style of our house. Though carpets add cuteness in our house style, it is one of the hardest materials to clean. It took months to years before we clean our carpets or change them.

With this scenario, we should use carpets that are easy to clean. Use carpets that are made from wool and nylon. They differ not only in material composition but are also made into easy cleaning forms. Besides, these materials can offer a lot of designs.

Often when we travel around the globe, we always want to have something of a memory from that place. That is why we buy souvenirs from our travel goals.

To make a statement piece from our travel, we should allow every corner to make us remember those times. A typical example is having photos in our staircase. Showcasing our souvenir figurines in one closet is an old scenario. We may make a twist by bringing our photos and key chains attaching them to our chandeliers. By this, every corner of our house will remind us of our adventure time.

Add some tiles

Tiles come in different material compositions and have a lot of unique designs to offer. Most often, it is used in our kitchen and sinking floors. However, because it is more durable to use over time, they now used it for walls. When using tiles in our walls, we may use cute designs instead. Of course, the designs are according to your preference.

Stylish utensil holders

Big cooking utensils are hard to hide. Because of this, some home players change utensil holders. They make utensils that are part of furniture and statement pieces. You may check the DIY of making utensil holders in 5-minute crafts videos. You may use cheap material in your DIY or you may prefer buying one from your favorite department stores.

Cool storages

If you do not have an attic or spare space for your unnecessary stuff, you may invent cool places to keep your storage. The trend for interior designing nowadays is space-saving furniture. Most of these storages are handmade. If you desire to make perfect storage, you may ask for professional help.

Cool storages are good to place in staircases. You may have a loft-style bedroom for your comfy and cool wardrobe. If no place to store your bookshelves, then find one underneath your sofa instead. You may have a luxurious accent chair. You may find some odd places in your home to make cool storages. It just needs crafty hands and a creative mind.

Illuminating mirrors

The mirror can make your house bigger in the space area. Besides the elegance it offers, the mirror gives reflection that can illuminate or brighten our houses. The placing of the mirror is the key to elegance. You should put mirrors in areas where reflection can showcase the form of your house. You may use mirrors as dividing walls, like living from dining rooms.

Put statues

Statues symbolize elegance in all forms. The typical statues are made from concrete and were placed in the front yard. However, you may choose statues made from resin and silvers in your house. Besides the elegance it offers, statues are huge making a realistic replica. Most of the statues placed inside houses are animals in form. The choice is yours to decide and under your likes.

Use fabrics

Curtains make a great impact on making your house spacious and bright. It also adds colors and emphasizes the shape of windows. Other than curtains, you may add fabrics like textiles to be added in pillowcases, sofa covers, bedroom laces, and even chair covers. We can always choose designs in stores or you may ask for handmade.


We always want our visitors to take notice of a piece from our house for them to remember. Having a statement piece in our house should be a reflection of our personality and lifestyle.