How to Choose the Right Cloud Storage for Yourself

Cloud Storage

Do you think storing your most important files only on your desktop is a logical thing these days? Well, even you know the answer. Your desktop is the most convenient way but if you talk about the risk you are bearing, it is invaluable. If something happens to your computer, you’ll be losing all the data stored in it. The solution for this potential risk is cloud storage.

Having cloud storage is a win-win situation, you’ll be having your files secure and risk-free for a lifetime, and sharing your files will be way easier than before. There are many cloud storage services available in the market which you can buy for your use snowpro certification Features can be quite common as the major focus of any cloud storage service is security and ease of access. Here are some of the best cloud storage services you can buy for yourself.

pCloud (Free & Premium)

“A lot more people use cloud storage now,” said Gartner’s Eric Watson. “That means this trend [of bigger servers] could change forever”. I’ve never been too good at setting my storage quotas or taking any risks in creating them on Cloudinary. pCloud is among the most deserving premium cloud storage services in my experience. 2 TB Lifetime plan costs $350 and you can even get it for $250 during the pcloud black friday sale. There is a free plan available that offers 10 GB of lifetime storage for free to every customer. You can sign up for that and evaluate pCloud yourself. Not only the highest level of protection, but they offer one of the best sharing options among other services in the cloud storage segment.

Google Drive / Google One

Google Drive / Google One

You might already be using Google One for some other services like Photos, and Gmail. Along with extended access to Google’s applications, Google One membership also gives you extended drive storage that you can use for your personal or professional purposes. Google is the biggest provider of cloud storage services and their security is unbreakable. In the free plan of Google Drive, you get a limited 15GB storage for a lifetime which is quite useful. Google has got its range of document software that works in your browser. So, you don’t need to head to any other software to edit documents or presentations. By paying just $2 every month, you can get their 100 GB plan which offers all their available functionalities.

Microsoft OneDrive

As per my experience and knowledge, Microsoft OneDrive is one of the most underrated cloud storage services. Their pricing is reasonable and their offerings are as great as google’s offerings. If you have a Microsoft or Outlook account, you are already holding 5 GB of free storage from Microsoft. You just need to log in to Microsoft OneDrive and you’ll have it all there. The best thing about Microsoft OneDrive is that you get an entire range of Microsoft Office available in their storage service. This means, you no longer need to download documents and open them in your computer software, you can edit documents online in your browser.

The price of Microsoft OneDrive starts at just $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage. So, if you are not looking to go with Google Drive, you can surely go with OneDrive.

(Yes! We use Google Apps!) After that, there are some options to get even more space: 2TB – $40; 3 TB = just under the price we suggested earlier this month in our preview section at all prices below 4.5TB is still not something many would consider “good enough”. For those who prefer their backup routine done over-the network and don’t want to jump through hoops like changing IP addresses every year instead OF YEARLY, but it’s what happens when users keep going back online from time TO TIME so quickly they lose touch with original backups. Yes. You do need an internet connection through–something.