How To Check Whether You Are Suffering From Lice?

Lice come from a family of parasites. They live in the hair of the human body and feed human blood. One of the most common signs of lice is having irritation in hairs and the body. Other problems are associated with it. These make it very difficult to focus on the work or other activities, so these problems must be solved.

But before a solution, you need to know about the problems that can be there because of this. Here are a few problems which are caused due to the lice.

  • It can create emotional stress and disturbs your sleep.
  • It leads to several complications if not treated properly.
  • There might be some vulnerable infections to your body like scratching, itching repeatedly, and many types of such problems.
  • It might cause chronic infestations, which result in loss of blood and deficiency of iron.
  • Lice feed on our blood, and loss of blood is a significant problem.
  • One may get rashes all over the hair as it produces an allergic reaction.

 Is it lice or not?

Itchiness in the scalp itself is not responsible for the lice in hair. Sometimes, it is produced by using some wrong shampoo, or due to the presence of dandruff, or maybe some scalp problem, eczema. Therefore, it is quite essential to check the signs of lice.

For this, firstly, wet your child’s hair as they are fixed and cannot move. It is easy to spot the lice at that time. You can also use a bright light to mark them out from the scalp.

You will notice brown and small insects like structures in the hair of your child. The sesame seeds-like structure is moving around your hair, and these are lice. It is easy to remove dirt from the hair rather than to remove lice and nits.

A red mark can also be associated with the skin that creates a lot of skin problems. Along with the headline, allergies are pretty noticed, and they can be anywhere in your body.

About the adult lice

Adult lice have six legs that look like a hook claw that is used to cling tightly. The color of them looks like a tan or grayish brown. Those who have heavy or dark hair may have a chance of having lice than those who have lighter hair. In thicker and black hairs, they get away to escape quickly, and it is the presence of dirt that sometimes remains.

Sometimes if one is suffering from this problem heavenly, it can be easily seen over the eyebrows and eyelashes. There are many complications that one must know during the lice.


The eggs of the lice are called nits, and it is situated near the baseline of your hair. They are yellow and tiny that sometimes it becomes impossible to identify them. Sometimes it is mistaken by the presence of dandruff in the hair. Be aware of it.