How to Attest Your Marriage Certificate in UAE


UAE has worked hard to provide the best services to businesses from all around the world. Because of the increasing number of business opportunities in the UAE, a lot of people are not only shifting to the UAE but also are getting married in UAE as well. Being a Muslim country, certain rules and regulations should be fulfilled to get married here in the UAE. Although these rules are quite different from that of the western world but if a person has to live here, he must abide by all of these rules and regulations properly.

Living without marriage is forbidden!

UAE is a Muslim country and in the Islamic culture, it is forbidden for a man and a woman to live together if they are not married. Just like that, premarital sex ie also strictly forbidden and if everyone is caught doing anything that is forbidden, he will be punished badly. Same is the case for the people if they get caught sharing an apartment or house without marriage.


Getting married in the UAE

If a married couple visits UAE or starts living here, it should make sure that you have your marriage documents attested. This is important because if you do nor gave the required documents, your marriage will not be considered legal.

Although there are no problems for the married couples still having the required documents is mandatory.

Attesting marriage certificate in UAE

If you want to legalize your marriage certificate, you must first attest your certificate so that it may be used for legal processes

1. The first and foremost step you need to take for marriage certificate attestation is completed bu legalizing the document with the foreign affairs ministry in your respective country

2. After you are done with legalizing the certificate in your home country or where the marriage took place, you must then move forward to get it attested by the UAE Embassy

3. After attestation from the MOFA of your home country, attest the marriage certificate from the Ministry of Foreign affairs in UAE. It will stamp the document and you will be able to use your marriage certificate anywhere you want.

The attestation steps are very easy to carry out. All you need is to make sure the fact you are taking every step accurately. A slight mistake in any step can lead to delay. So, you must make sure that you take every step with great attention.

You can also take the consultation services from the consultancy firms. They will guide you about every step so that you may not have to face any trouble during your visit to the UAE. They will give you a proper guide over getting married in UAE so that you do not have to face any penalties.

Note that the penalties and fines for disobeying the laws in UAE are very strict. So, you better not go astray or else you will have to bear with the consequences. Click here for more Details.