How Do You Protect Your Child On Instagram Without Being Obvious?

Modern times have modern problems, and one such problem is children getting exposed to cyberbullying, unhealthy content, online predators, and similar cases.

Kids today are suaver on various social media platforms than adults, and Instagram is one of their favorites. Being a responsible parent you must look out for your child by monitoring his or her activities on Instagram. You don’t have to be obvious; just do it in a way that won’t evoke suspicion in your child’s mind.

Yes, you can see every photo someone likes on Instagram app, monitor “direct messages”, check the kind of content or accounts your child is engaging with and more details without them knowing.

Let’s see how you can protect your child on Instagram without being obvious.

  • Instagram is quite interesting and it will allow you to handle up to five accounts on a single phone. If you feel like switching from one account to another, you can do it seamlessly. If you can get the user ID and password your child is using for his or her Instagram account then you will get a clear picture of what is going on.


  • If you want to be subtle, using Insta tracking applications can be very useful. The applications will allow you to get important insights such as content browsing details, messages received and sent, followers & following, and much more. You will get to see everything without making your kid suspicious. Once you get a clear picture of what is happening you can take certain steps such as remove the unknown followers, make the account private, Instagram map function can track real-time location so you can switch that off, and so on.
  • Confront your child whenever necessary, start a healthy conversation, and try to warn about the evils of social media. If you find anything inappropriate in his or her Instagram account, talk to them, and the best thing you can do is convince them to remove it on their own.

Approaching cautiously will not make your child feel that his or her privacy is being intervened, yet you will do your part as a responsible parent!