health information management degree online

Did you know that you can work in a hospital without having to be a doctor? That’s right; there are many career paths in healthcare management to choose from. Not only would you be able to work in a hospital, but you would also be paid a good load of cash for it.

The healthcare management industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for healthcare managers would increase by 22 percent from 2024 onwards. With the on-going situation of the pandemic, their prediction has proven to be true. They also reported that the median salary in this field would roughly be around $84,270 per annum.

If you are boggling over what career path to choose in this very field, fear no more as we have a solution to your confusion. We have listed down some highly paid career options in healthcare management for you.

Hospital CFO

A Chief Financial Officer, as the designation states, would be in charge of all the hospital finances. Being a CFO, it would be your job to ensure that the hospital runs in the most cost-effective manner possible. Keeping tabs on all financial planning and records is also a part of the job description. Your CEO will get the report of all your workings of economic statuses and other management.

A very highly qualified and trustworthy candidate is selected to take up the seat of a CFO. The salary ranges from $95,000 to $300,000.

Health Informatics Manager

With this job, you would be in charge of overseeing all the clinical information that comes in regarding the organization you work for. You can always start with a health information management degree online to get a better grasp of the responsibilities of this job. Your duties would include; handling the data (that comes from patients, billings, government, medical reports, etc.), processing it, ensuring that it is accurate as well as focusing on safety and security.

Having a great experience in data analytics is an essential part of getting this job since you will be responsible for making decisions with only the information available to you. You also have to ensure the translation of data into a more straightforward language for the rest of the managers responsible for patient care, finances, medical tools, etc. Managing the hardware and software is a part of your job description as well.

The average pay per annum would be $93,000.

Hospital Administrator

You would be working behind the scenes with this role. For an administrator, you have to ensure the efficient management of a healthcare facility. You would either be employed in a nursing home, hospital, or an outpatient clinic. Your key responsibilities would be:

  • Recruitment of doctors and physicians
  • Develop new policies for quality assurance and patient services
  • Promote treatments
  • Comply with guidelines given by the government

The average salary per annum of a hospital administrator would be between $82,000-$110,000 depending upon your experience and qualification.

Human Resource Manager

You must be wondering what a human resource manager would do in the healthcare sector? The job description of an HR manager is the same in this sector as it would be in any other. You need to ensure the hiring of the right people, training employees, managing workforce development, handling of disputes in a proper ethical manner, the distribution of salary on time, and a lot more.

The average salary of an HR manager would be around $99,000-$100,000 per annum as per your qualification.

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

If you are someone who loves serving humanity and wants to spend time with the ones who need medical attention, this field is tailor-made for you. What’s more, this is a highly paid job in the United States as you discharge your duties to lead the health system in a hospital or any other medical facility.

Most of the time, Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) are former Registered Nurses who made their way into the top tier through sheer hard work and dedication in their profession. During their journey to the top-tier administration role, they serve as program director, charge nurse, or the director of nursing in a healthcare facility. The average per year salary is $136,000.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager

Yet another healthcare manager profession with a hefty paycheck. Your job would be ensuring the promotion of medical devices and drugs. You will analyze investments while looking into the market data.

The catch here would, however, be a pleasant experience with consultancy and leadership. The average salary of a pharmaceutical product manager would be around $90,000 per annum.


We hope that the above points will undoubtedly help you in getting information about highly paid jobs in the healthcare management sector. It is now your time to decide which field you will choose to make a career in the healthcare management industry. You must block out those second thoughts and pursue the job of your dreams.