High Reliability Semiconductor Market 2022 Large Volume Industries Affect Business for High Reliability Components Post COVID-19 Crisis

Apart from large companies servicing high volume consumer segment, the COVID-19 crisis has affected small companies in the high reliability semiconductor market. For instance, Astute Electronics – a distributor of high-reliability devices for aerospace, military, and space industries, has mandated the staff at Shanghai to work-from-home as per government guidelines.

The stockpiling of inventory is being observed among small companies, which has created scope for efficient supply chains. However, restricted travel and cancellation of annual sales conferences are among other trends in the global high reliability semiconductor market that are affecting market movement. The bare PCB (Printed Circuit Board) production is witnessing a slight dip, while metal prices are experiencing a decline. Though it is too soon to predict future market trends, analysts at the Transparency Market Research (TMR) anticipate that once China starts working in full capacity, large volume industries will affect business activities for high reliability components.

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Online Purchase of High Reliability Devices Play Instrumental Role in Space Applications

Companies in the high reliability semiconductor market are making products available online. Texas Instruments (TI) is gaining recognition for making high reliability components immediately available for online purchase to help stakeholders in aerospace and defense quickly authenticate their products for next-gen space and military applications.

The high reliability semiconductor market is expected to reach the value of US$ 10 Bn by 2031. Engineers and purchasing managers in semiconductor companies are gaining awareness about online retail of high reliability semiconductor products. As such, manufacturers are boosting their production capabilities in radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products enclosed in metal, plastic, and ceramic packages that are gaining prominence in avionics, space, and defense system designs.

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Uniform Manufacturing Practices Help Develop Next-gen SiC Products for Mission-critical Applications

Silicon carbide (SiC) is being associated with high thermal conductivity, as it dissipates heat more quickly than other semiconductor materials. However, it is becoming potentially challenging for SiC suppliers in the high reliability semiconductor market to keep up with rapid demand growth rates. Moreover, low-cost devices are unable to satisfy high reliability requirements for mission critical applications in aerospace, defense, and space applications. Hence, designers should carefully evaluate uniform manufacturing practices and ensure high device performance and reliability in components.

Continuous demand and new trends in SiC products are translating into incremental opportunities for suppliers and manufacturers. Companies are increasing efforts to optimize production processes for SiC products to capitalize on business opportunities. They are increasing efforts to revolutionize the substrate supply chain to provide a rapid response to the growing demand for high-power solutions.

QPL, Non-QPL Diodes Gain Prominence in Extreme Military Environments

Manufacturers in the high reliability semiconductor market are increasing the availability for products aligned with the Qualified Products List (QPL) and non-QPL rectifiers. Semtech Corporation – a supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors is bolstering its manufacturing of QPL and non-QPL rectifiers, Zener diodes in axial & surface-mount packages, and transient voltage suppression (TVS) products.

Companies in the high reliability semiconductor market are developing products that operate across a wide temperature range in unforgiving environments of the military, industrial, and aerospace applications. They are increasing production capacities in assemblies for catalog & custom configurations, Commercial Off-The-Shelf diodes, and power management devices that meet demanding applications. Cutting-edge diodes are being produced to suit applications such as switching of power supply and steering in extreme environments of military and aerospace segments.

High Speed In-line Metrology Tools Help Overcome Defect Challenges for IC Packaging

The high reliability semiconductor market is slated to clock a modest CAGR of ~5% during the projected period. This is evident since stakeholders are facing defect challenges for IC (Integrated Circuit) packaging. Apart from increasing process challenges linked to the manufacture of complex packages, there is a growing need for in-line process control due to high cost of yield loss associated with multiple devices into these packages. In order to meet these requirements, packaging vendors are adopting optical inspection equipment and other tools to ensure in-line process control and overcome defect challenges for IC packaging.

Apart from using X-ray and C-SAM (confocal scanning acoustic microscopy) optical inspection equipment for sample process monitoring and failure analysis, packaging vendors in the high reliability semiconductor market are using high speed, in-line metrology tools. These tools are combined with advanced ML (Machine Learning) analytical capabilities to monitor packaging processes and detect any process drift on a real-time basis.

High Reliability RF Packages Deliver Flight Parts Being Launched into Space

Recently in February 2021, Criteria Labs – a specialist in semiconductor engineering and services announced to expand its capabilities in high reliability RF (radiofrequency) space and defense solutions. Stakeholders are taking cues from such developments and increasing efforts to develop robust GaN (Gallium nitride) power amplifiers, solid-state power amplifiers, and gain clocks to meet demanding military and space applications. These products are built to function in harsh environments and can be leveraged in a multitude of high reliability RF space electronic systems.

Companies in the high reliability semiconductor market are innovating in space qualified RF packages that hold promising potentials to operate under the most severe conditions. In order to bolster their credibility credentials, companies are delivering flight parts that are being launched into space.

Isolated Gate Driver Being Developed to Support Satellite Power Systems

Strategic partnerships are helping companies in the high reliability semiconductor market to introduce the isolation technology to space, military, and the oil & gas sectors. Silicon Labs – a leading provider of silicon & software solutions has announced its high reliability isolation partnership with Teledyne e2v HiRel – a provider of high reliability semiconductors to optimize space and military segments.

Companies in the high reliability semiconductor market are developing custom high reliability solutions such as isolated gate drivers that are optimized for aerospace, military, and oil & gas industries. The growing demand for advanced technology is triggering the demand for custom high reliability solutions. Isolated gate drivers are being screened and run under quality tests to adhere with specific market specifications with a focus on satellite power systems supporting satellite communications.

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