Henny West Looks For A New Way To Evolve

Henny West Looks For Ways To Evolve

Henny West has always been looking for a new way to evolve. Henny has never just stayed in one place. He always seems to take it up a notch. After hearing a preview of his latest album “TrapRock” Henny has all the ingredients for success. The new album, Henny has sure gave us a classic album. Henny is aiming for a early 2022 release but no official date has been set. Henny upcoming album is packed with energy. Henny really showed off his talents. The mixture of rock music and Hiphop is something that could catch the ears of many listeners. There’s no heights that Henny can’t climb. The sky is definitely the limit for Henny. Henny started this new album he said right after his current release “1440” which was released early in 2022. Henny stated that he was looking for a fresh start with his music. “I never wanna give my fans the same album over and over again”

From the start of the album “TrapRock” it makes you wanna hear more. Every song is strategically placed. I asked Henny when did he started making rock music? He said “rock music is always something that I wanted to do I just never felt I was ready” this is a big leap for Henny because HipHop can sometimes feel a little dry. Sometimes feel like everyone is making songs in the same place. It can sometimes feel like each artist is copying the last artist. But Henny is definitely in a league of his own. Henny is pushing himself to try new techniques. “TrapRock” is definitely a different sound for not only Henny but Hiphop in general. I asked Henny what his plans for 2022 were. “ I can’t really say for sure but I will continue to record new music even after my release of TrapRock I gotta continue to keep getting better because in this music industry there always trying to replace you” there’s nothing that Henny can’t overcome.

From the battles that he has had with depression to the struggle of growing up in a neighborhood where you have to fight for everything. Henny has fought the uphill battle and has proved that anyone could be successful if you put your efforts into it. Henny gives you all of his emotions in ever record. His writing has continued to evolve from previous albums. You can hear the growth from the album “bout time” to now “1440” the evolution album in the upcoming album will be something to marvel at.





The production is an A+ from top to bottom Henny showcases his great engineering of records. Sonically “TrapRock” is amazing. Everyone that is a fan of the Hiphop genre and Rock genre should definitely be on the lookout for an album that will most certainly catch the ears of Hiphop, Rock, and casual consumers of music. Henny West will continue to showcase his talents for a great amount of time. Henny West will be a name you will remember.