Give direction and character to your yard with blank lawn signs

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Photograph of lawn mower on the green grass. Mower is located on the right side of the photograph with view on grass field.

Putting first things first, you need to check for companies that have the blank signs in stock and can ship them the same day or your order. The blank lawn or blank bandit signage/signs are the perfect tools to write your message with a permanent market. You’ve companies providing blank yellow and blank white signs.

  • The 4 mm strong, corrugated plastic is the main component of these blank signs. While placing your order for these signs, it’s very pivotal to order the accurate flue direction.
  • For those using channel stakes or wire steps, vertical flutes can be ideal for you.
  • If you want to put your signs by using telephone poles, trees, or stakes, you can go for the horizontal flutes. These are very difficult to bend. You can easily bend or flex the wooden poles or stakes.
  • There are two types of metal frames for these signs. The angle iron frames don’t integrate screws or bolts to anchor the sign panels.
  • They integrate a slip-in frame mechanism, allowing you to easily slip or slide your sign into the concerned frame. There’s no fear of scratches or dents.

On the signs

The blank lawn signs are perfect for businesses to customer their operations for their customers. You can also use them as crafts or projects. For example, if you’re conducting a car was sale or bake sales in your estate, you can write that on your blank sign. Specify the date and time, and underline other details, if need be.

  • If there’s a guest of honor or guidelines, mention them on the sign with a marker pen. If you plan to cancel or postpone the event, you can mention it on the same frame.
  • It acts as an immediate broadcaster of information for the ones coming to your site or passing by.
  • These signs can easily attract attention and convey your message to the people without you having to call them up or send emails.

There are dedicated companies offering different sizes of blank lawn signs. They also provide different shapes of blank signs, such as house-shaped and round yard signs.

On the specifications

The normal span size is 24” in length and 18” in height. All are made in the USA. The size of the metal skate is 24” and 10” in length and height respectively.

  • The galvanized steel is of 9 gauge. You can use the wind-resistant, waterproof signs both for outdoor and indoor use.
  • You can display them in your garden, front yard, or any place that has grass.
  • Its corrugated plastic makes it ideal for digital or screen printing. You can even write on the blank sign with a dry erase marker or sharpie.
  • People mostly use them for parties, garage sales, clinics, businesses, construction, political events, graduations, and real estate.

Do note that all these things don’t have permanence and don’t have a fixed venue or timespan. This is where the signs are so handy. The installation process is easy and quick. The convenient DIY kit has five 4mm yard signs and five metal yard stakes.