Ketomac Antifungal Cream

Skin infections are a very common condition that afflictmany of us. India, being a hot and humid country is especially prone to cause these conditions to its population in the hot summer months. Most of us take these skin itches, rashes, red patches and scales pretty lightly, letting them heal by themselves. But do you know, if these innocuous looking skin infections are not treated properly in a timely manner, they can spread to underlying bones and joints. If these become extensive, it may even require surgical bone resections or in worse cases, even limb amputations!

Thus, it is highly critical to take minor skin infections seriously and treat them properly. Most of these infections are caused by fungi and yeasts which sprout in large numbers in hot and humid climates (like that of India). Ketomac Antifungal Cream is one of the best topical applications that you can use to heal these skin infections before they get dangerous. Ketomac is a formulation of Ketoconazole , an antifungal agent patented in 1977 by Janssen Pharamceutica which has shown great results against fungal attacks.

Let’s know about the kinds of fungal infections can you get and how Ketomac can help you:

  1. RINGWORM: This is the most common kind of fungal skin infection characterised by ring shaped, red patches on the skin that itch and scale badly. The affected areas might suffer hair loss. When the scalp is affected, there is almost always the presence of bald patches. Ketomac Lotion is one of the best topical remedies you can apply to heal from ringworm.
  1. JOCK ITCH: This is another fungal infection of the skin which affects the groin region. Men are the majority sufferers from jock itch but it does appear in some women. Mostly it is present in hot-humid regions caused by careless hygiene and sharing of personal clothing items. Symptoms include a reddish rash that is raised and itches badly surrounded by a scaly curved border. You can try Ketomac Lotion or Cream to treat this discomforting condition.
  2. ATHLETE’S FOOT: This is a fungal infection of the feet characterised by itching,scaling, cracking and a bad red rash. In some cases, it can cause blisters also. It most commonly attacks the regions between the toes, but can also strike the bottom of the foot. Ketomac has shown great results when treating Athlete’s Feet.
  1. TINEA VERSICOLOR: This is yet another fungal skin attack that affects the trunk region. This is characterised by ash coloured rash that scales in fine layers. The affected areas get a pale, dark tan that becomes dark red when under a hot shower or after physical exercise. Ketomac Lotion is perfect for providing relief from this painful condition.
  1. DANDRUFF: Dandruff is a skin condition of the scalp that causes flaking and constant itching. It can also lead to poor hair health. A severe form of dandruff is accompanied by inflammation accompanied by lesions that experience redness, pain and sensitivity. Ketomac Shampoo is a wonderful formulation that can help provide relief from dandruff issues.

As you can see, fungal skin infections can get very bad and need proper timely treatment. Ketomac formulations in the form of creams, shampoos and lotions are an effective cure for these.Gift your skin a healthy and protected summer season with the protection of Ketomac.