Gift Card Project USA-A charity project For Homeless people of USA:

Other than meeting you luxurious and important needs, charity is an important and crucial thing to do in life.  Ever thought why charity is so important ? well, charity and making  donations is essential to do for a stable society and is meant to be done for public benefit and relief as there are some elements in society that make people meet their both ends meal hardly. These are the people who are worth giving charity to.

Yet doing this is not an easy task for an individual in this modernized age. Thinking about others’ desires over your own is not easy at all. Only those with golden hearts are able to do this. One of such exceptional and rare personalities is Ryan Bilodeau. Let us know more about him and his work.

Gift cards  project USA :

None other than Ryan Bilodeau is the founder person who started a charity project in USA for openly helping people by gifting them several different items so that they could be able to enjoy their lives as well, just like others would do. Their charity is for the homeless specially , this is being known as Gift card project USA.  We will discover more about this in the lower part of this very article but more power to you Ryan Bilodeau and I wish the best already  for your great ongoing and future work.


How they are doing the project?

Well, they are placing the vending machines with some basic items  that are life’s essentials. Just like food deodorants and blankets in the multiple major USA cities. In this way they can help homeless charity. No doubt that this gives a light of hope to those who have really hopeless for a healthy living and their survival in the society.


What’s the goal of Ryan Bilodeau behind this project?

Let us find out if Ryan Bilodeau had some goals while finding this charity for homeless project. Well, everyone has some specific goals as they start some project,  so is luckily with Ryan Bilodeau’s project.  Gift cards project USA was established with the objective of helping homeless of USA in mind. A personal and more likely “better” approach was used as by carrying out the fast food items, gift cards and deodorants. Undoubtedly it is better as an approach to look out for the homeless in one’s neighborhood.

There is no doubt to the fact that sudden occurrence of conditions like war, pandemic, natural disaster and other causes like hunger, poverty, disease and joblessness may give birth to the need of doing charity and help your homeless fellow citizens.


What stages did Ryan Bilodeau go through for this project?

Well, not only that Ryan had some goals for this project and its success but also he had some strategies and stages to properly initiate this charity project. Lets explore them one by one:

Stage 1:

According to Ryan, it was crucial requirement to spread the proper awareness among the USA public about the GCP approach. This awareness was about helping the homeless of USA using a long-term & aggressive advertisement strategy. The targeted approach behind this was to raise a USA citizens army who could help their fellow citizens in any of two ways. One of these ways is to carry a $5 or $10 gift card to restaurants and looking out for needy ones or having  a kind and modest conversation with the person going through the difficult times. The goal behind this very second option is to remind those needy people is that their self-respect is not diminished with losing their good financial status.

Stage 2:

The exclusive objective behind the project was to provide homeless with a gift card voucher instead. As Ryan believes that in this way,  homeless will be able to have an access to nationwide vending machines. They could get most essential items of survival from there, just like food, blankets, toiletries and more than all pre-paid cellphones. Isn’t amazing to be ? Well, let us vow to precede this kind project  when we are enabled for that in future.

This modest project is  one of the kindest things one could do . so more and more power to Ryan Bilodeau and best wishes for their future work. If you want to be apart, kindly explore more about this at gift cards for the homeless.