Free online tools that are really easy to use

Business woman's hands typing on laptop keyboard

We live in an era of technology and the internet, where the software industry makes the biggest jump in the past two decades. The software companies are the most profitable in the world, think about Google, Amazon (no-follow link to amazion), Ebay, Apple etc.

Some of them reach the top in just ten years, that means that they are used by the people. Therefore many of them are not cheap, that is how these companies make their money and go up to the top.

Today we are sharing with you free software solutions that are easy to use. First one is where am i online tool that was originally launched in late November 2018. This tool was made by a software engineer and is there to help people.

This tool is used most by travelers, because it is giving them the ability to check and track their location using their phones. On top of that, they can truck and share their position with friends or taxi drivers.

Imagine if you are in a big city like New York for the first time and you need to go from point A to point B but you do not know what is your point A. Simply this tool can help you send your location to the taxi driver and follow where he is driving you.

First what you need to do is to click “Allow” when the application asks you to use your location.

Please be informed that this application will not store your location and will not share with third party applications until you request that. That means you are totally secure to use this.

Once the tools find your location it will give you all necessary information that you need. From the left side it will show you the map with a pin, and on the right side it will give you information about the city, country, state, address and coordinates that are associated with your location.