Food Truck Options for Your Next Vacation

Want to take the best advantage of your food trucks adventure, begin by checking early in the morning when traffic is lower. There are lots of mobile trucks offering hot meals, breakfast food, sandwiches and beverages. You can even have enough room for dessert if you plan out your trip correctly. It can be fun to watch the trucks come and go as they zip through town and deliver hot food to people’s homes. Here are some tips to help you maximize your fun while sampling food from one of these mobile catering companies.

It’s a good idea to sample the entire menu. Don’t limit yourself to sampling the breakfast menu items. The lunch and dinner menus offer more variety and the constant movement mean you’ll often see more interesting dishes than what you would find at the breakfast buffet or lunch counter. Try out the pizzas offered as well as the salads and the deli sandwiches. Some of the food trucks serve alcohol, so be aware of any rules or regulations that might prevent you from enjoying a beer from the tap while you’re waiting for your meal to arrive.


Another tip for enjoying NYC food trucks on your vacation is to save time by not driving around trying to find a parking space. Food truckers usually place their hot food and beverages on outdoor trays or carts and then pull up to a standing area to serve customers. That saves time, and it lets customers order without running all over town looking for an open space. Some trucks even line up to serve customers right in their parking lot. This allows you to enjoy your food truck as you enjoy your day or evening in your vehicle.

One tip for enjoying food trucks on your vacation is to bring your own menus. It’s not always possible to have all the required supplies on hand, so bringing your own menus to prepare on-board is the easiest way to go. If you bring your own grill with you, that will make grilling much easier as well. A portable grill, propane or natural gas grill, cast iron pan and wood smoker are ideal items to bring along. Be sure to plan ahead by packing lunches and dinners ahead of time, or having food trucks bring your lunch and dinner menu to your hotel.

Many people enjoy eating out at restaurants when they have a few free hours during the week. This means a vacation can come at a discount if you take advantage of discounts offered at popular lunch and dinner spots. For example, many hotel restaurants charge a small fee to allow access to their on-site restaurant during peak hours. Some hotels offer special deals at popular sit-down eateries during off peak hours as well. You can find these deals online or through your local travel agent. Pay attention to all of the deals that you see and plan your eating schedule around them, since these spots will be your favorite food trucks during your stay.