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The fashion designing industry constitutes the dream careers of many individuals. Nevertheless, remarkably, few of them have the motive, resolution, and vital industry knowledge to fulfil their dreams. What always distinguishes the inclination to work in fashion and burgle into the industry is the required educational background. Succeeding in fashion designing means first understanding the business side of your occupation whereas at the same time sharpening your skills and talents as a fashion designer.

Online courses can be a very important level for students who have to pursue a high school diploma. These programs offer students multiple new career opportunities that ameliorate long-term success. Besides, they let students deeply understand fashion techniques and industry perspectives. The courses can counterbalance a series of specialisations, including marketing, design, styling, manufacturing, branding, public relations, and image. Among these specialisations, students may partake in courses that cover skin colour, body shape, design skills, entrepreneurship, and marketing, among others. Often, the fashion industry is a competitive field, and a good understanding of the trends and techniques can open great achievements in finding positions and setting up brands.

The program price varies based on the institution selected. The student may need to complete some research to understand financial requirements. Either, they may need to record their study duration. Here are the courses. Remember, these are all online courses.


Fashion and image

This is an online course that offers an intuition into the fashion industry and describes how fashion is affected by culture. Again, it discusses how fashion is communicated through the image. This is a good introduction for those who are interested in and motivated by fashion and image.

Through the course, you’ll traverse how the industry has been shaped by fashion, image, and culture for long. Additionally, you’ll learn to recognise the key influencers in the industry and how fashion is communicated and commercialized through the image.

It is a four weeks course taking 3 – 4 hours of online sessions along with recommendations on what to read, watch, and listen to. This is an ideal course for those who are inspired to deepen their knowledge of how fashion is communicated and wishing to traverse an interesting way of gaining knowledge from academics and professionals in the fashion industry.


Fashion CAD designing

Today, CAD technology has become a basic component of clothing designing. The program allows a series of functions, thus minimising errors and accelerating designing procedures. This is why clothing pattern making experts who are skilled in the use of CAD are highly demanded in fashion companies.

This is an ideal course for individuals who wish to specialise in CAD technology. In the course, you’ll go through some live sessions with experts, multimedia educational material, lesson recording, practicals, and Individualized counselling.



This is the art of direct manipulation of fabrics on the dress. It is an innovative skill of turning design ideas into reality. You’ll learn these ideas from draping professionals.

Through the beginners’ lesson, you’ll need to start with an intro to dress forms, then watch lessons called draping basics. Thereafter, you’ll try the bodice slopers then straight skirt sloper lessons, followed by bustier bodice and princess bodice lessons. Later, you’ll begin sheath dress and A-Line dress lessons. You’ll complete the course by mastering the flared skirt straight grain centre, yoke Dirndl skirt, and fitted Torso sloper lessons respectively.

Through the intermediate lesson, you’ll learn draping design details such as cascade ruffles, button front and button placket closures, silhouette styles including the dropped shoulder, princess kimono & peplum, and how to set a banded & convertible collar.

Through the advanced lesson, you’ll learn the art of draping bias garments, creating tailored silhouettes, joining draping with pattern thus designing a lined jacket, and many more.


Fashions & the future of brands

This is the best alternative for anyone interested in fashion branding and marketing. It explores ways in which fashion brands communicate, engage, and link with their consumers.

The course introduces fashion brands and marketing. It also discusses how brands are created, how they build consumer value, and how they need to alter their marketing in the current environment. A series of sessions will be introduced every week for the student to take on.


Fashion styling

This is an online course designed for anyone interested in and who has a passion for styling and fashion photography. Besides, it is ideal for those who wish to explore the various aspects of fashion styling in addition to understanding the concept of the production process backstage.

A series of activities will be introduced for students to take on—this will constitute collaborative activities as well as independent projects.


Course pattern making

Unlike pattern making (two-dimensional method), draping is a three-dimensional method of fashioning your designs. Also, it is a crucial input into the making process of your designs.

Through the beginner lesson, you’ll learn how to draft multiple pattern slopers and later how to design various styles using these blocks as your starting point. It is recommendable, to begin with, a basic straight sleeve sloper lesson before other sleeve variations. Thereafter, you’ll move to basic straight skirt lessons and later to a series of circle skirts. Next, you’ll finish up with a bodice.

Through the advanced study, you’ll learn how to draft a women’s princess jacket using your oaktag torso sloper. Either, you’ll learn where to add the necessary jacket ease, how to shape the pattern, extracting the princess panels, and drafting the notch collar.


Fashion product development & technical design

Few of the lessons offered in this discipline

Fashion startup101-part 1- the basics

This is the first lesson in the series accredited startup 101. In part one fundamentals, you’ll be assisted by a fashion expert to get started. At first, you’ll be asked to select your designing market category which you’d wish to design for. Thereafter, you’ll be taken through various channels of distribution to market your product.


Details for flat

Here, you’ll learn how to draw different details of your flat sketches that can be used on various clothes such as pants, shirts, skirts, and much more. Moreover, you’ll learn the effective types of markers to use for outlines and likely how to draw various kinds of topstitching, buttons, and zippers. This is a must lesson for individuals who are drawing flats and creating tech packs.


Wrapping it up

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, online studies have been the new normal across the globe. It is the only way people could fulfil the dream of their careers. But how is this connected to fashion designing? Well, many academic institutions have been shut down, and tutors have been forced to work from home. Being one of the most flexible arts, many fashion institutes have emerged, offering various online courses. Program prices are affordable as well but can vary from one institute to another due to different obligations.