Facts About CBD


CBD oil is a natural extract that comes from the cannabis plant and it contains an organic compound known as CBD (short for Cannabidiol). This oil, when taken daily, has been found to provide relief from many of the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. Furthermore, this extract has also been used as a component of salves and ointments for more than 2000 years. This oil can be found as either a hemp-derived or as a cannabis-derived product depending on where you live in the world. The key difference between these two types of CBD oils is how they are processed.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is made by extracting the oil directly from the seeds of the hemp plant, which are then cold-pressed to produce high concentrations of this extract. This works well for those that live in countries where growing marijuana plants is legal or it can be imported legally into countries that do not allow these types of plants to be grown. If you are purchasing this oil, so long as it is also made from the hemp plant and not otherwise mixed with other oils, it can be freely transported to most countries. Due to the fact that this product does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants that provides that “high” sensation), there are currently no laws in most countries that would prevent you from purchasing or using this product.

Cannabis-derived CBD oil is different, in that it is produced by extracting the oil directly from the cannabis plant itself. This can be done in either an industrial hemp plant that contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive components found in other types of cannabis plants or from a high-CBD marijuana plant strain. This type of oil is often referred to as Rick Simpson Oil (named after the creator) and it is only legal in specific countries, depending on your local laws. As a result of this, its importation into other countries is highly regulated and required a doctor’s prescription prior to its arrival.

However, CBD oil can be produced from either of these two sources and it is actually the process that separates these oils which will determine their legality around the world. The only differences between these two types of extracts are what source they use (hemp or marijuana) and how they are processed to produce the oil itself.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to be effective in providing relief from the symptoms of many different mental and physical disorders. However, it can be difficult to achieve this effect when you do not know where to purchase the best CBD oil, as its legality around the world is constantly changing and often hard to determine.

Questions often asked about CBD

  • What is CBD?

A compound derived from the industrial hemp plant.

  • Is CBD Illegal in my Country?

In the United States, CBD is federally legal but in other countries, you will have to check the laws of your own location.

  • Can I Ship it Internationally?

Most companies do this without issue and will stop when contacted by a country like Australia which often will send a letter to cease and desist.

  • How do I take CBD Oil for Anxiety?

Ingesting CBD oil in an edible or tincture is a good idea for a full-body feeling.

  • Does CBD Show up on Drug Tests as Weed does?

It can if the product you are using contains even trace amounts of THC.

  • How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

4 to 6 hours between doses, take 40 to 60 mgs, and move up or down as needed.

  • What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana-based CBD Oils?

One is derived from Industrial Hemp with very low levels of THC, while the other from cannabis is high in THC and lower in CBD.

  • Where can I buy CBD Oil?

You can shop the best CBD products online at CBD You, or look for other high-quality manufacturers.

  • Is CBD oil safe?

Yes, CBD oil has no known side effects that are life threatening