This coverage protects the vehicle outside of a delivery. Certain jobs insure your merchandise and any vehicle during the course of transportation. After delivery, the vehicle is no longer insured. Bobtail supplements the particular coverage during work, for example, returning from a load, when taking it to clean, when taking it to your mechanic, etc. Check with your agent and your client if this coverage is ideal for you.

Bobtail insurance

Also known as liability for lack of cargo, this policy applies to your truck when it is not on the road when the truck is not used to transport goods. Bobtail truck insurance policy mainly covers the inactivity of trucks, for example when a repair is being made.

What determines the cost of insurance coverage for a shipping company?

Several factors determine the cost of truck insurance, including:

  • Type of business and age
  • Coverage of your deliveries
  • Your vehicle age
  • Your location
  • the freight you delivered
  • the driving history and age of your driver
  • Your company size

Then what is the best insurance policy for the cargo business?

As mentioned earlier, being a commercial company is a very risky business because a lot can go wrong. You therefore need the best insurance policy to protect your company from claims and obligations.

Finding the best insurance policy for your business is also very important as there are many insurance features duplicated. So getting the best insurance policy can save you a lot of money that you can spend on other aspects of the business.

Finding insurance for this company can be very confusing, if not difficult, for entrepreneurs in this industry because of the different insurance policies that perform different functions and aim to protect different aspects of the business from different angles. However, when we need to choose the best insurance policy from the range, it is general liability insurance.

Why do you ask?

This is because liability insurance covers almost all of the insurance coverage that is required for a regular shipping company. This brings them all under one roof.

General insurance can protect the carrier from personal injury, property damage, and personal injury, improper delivery of goods and even loss of cargo. It equally covers requirements that can arise from the disobedient behavior of drivers and other employees.

Depending on your company, some insurance companies may require you to purchase certain policies before you can take out liability insurance. This is an example of confirming pollution when you are transporting hazardous materials, this rule ensures that your business is adequately protected from claims that your general policies cannot handle.

If you analyze the foregoing, you may find that insuring the carrier’s general liability may not require separate cargo insurance. , Property damage insurance, BPID insurance, insurance coverage, etc., as all of these policies are combined into one policy.


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