Factors to consider when hiring an elder abuse attorney

Factors to consider when hiring an elder abuse attorney

Trusting a caregiver or nursing home to take care of your senior loved one can be a tough decision. But, if you’re busy studying or working, it may be your only option at ensuring they get all the care they need.

Unfortunately, giving another individual power over an older person can lead to unpleasant situations such as neglect, abuse, and exploitation. To avoid this, you should hire an elder abuse attorney. Elder abuse lawyers can help you recover damages for pain and suffering by pursuing a claim against the caregiver. Contact Cherepinskiy Law Firm to learn how they can help you with your elder abuse attorney case.

To ensure you find the perfect fit for you, here are five factors to consider when hiring an elder abuse attorney.

1. Check their experience

Eldercare abuse and neglect law is complicated, so you need to hire an attorney with enough experience dealing with similar cases. For instance, nursing homes are subject to numerous state and federal regulations, which are always part of elder abuse cases. It’s wise to hire an elder abuse lawyer who’s familiar with these laws.

2. Referrals and client reviews

Getting referrals from family members or friends is a great way to find an elder abuse lawyer. Chances are, if they have a lawyer they’re happy with, you’ll love working with them on your elder abuse case. However, ensure you get a referral from someone whose legal needs are similar to yours.

Additionally, check reviews from previous clients as testimonials are usually raw and honest, and they showcase the lawyer’s professionalism, experience and consistency.

3. Costs

Before selecting your elder abuse attorney, scout different options, and check how much they charge. Many lawyers provide flexible fee options, so don’t be afraid to speak up. Avoid going for cheap rates in a bid to save money as you may end up with an inexperienced lawyer.

4. Medical knowledge

Generally, most elder abuse cases involve medical issues. Hence, your lawyer needs to be familiar with the standard medical conditions involved to help with your case. Remember, a lawyer’s knowledge of medical issues can either make or break your elder abuse case.