Explore The Different Games You Can Play On IDN Live

IDN is one of the biggest and largest gambling servers one can find on online gambling websites. It is quite surprising to know that many people are still unaware of this. They are also renowned for their fairness in the online gambling world. Perhaps this is what includes them in the list of highly reliable gambling servers.

In addition to this, IDN servers provide various well-known poker and casino games such as Idn live, IDN Poker, casino, lottery, Toto, etc. In this article, we will be discussing the different types of IDN games people can play online.

24 D Ball

The 24 D Ball is also popularly known as the rolling ball game. There are 24 balls in total where 12 are red and the remaining are black. Each ball has a number from 1-24 printed on its exterior. In this game, all you have to do is guess the ball which will come out of the machine after rolling.

It is a pretty easy game as players have to predict either the color or the number on the ball coming out of the machine.

Oglok Pool

If you are an old member of the online gambling world then you already know what kind of a typhoon this game was. It was pretty popular in its early days but soon left forgotten by people.

In Oglok Pool, there are three dice with different pictures instead of a number on each side. All you have to do is guess the image that will come up after rolling the dice. The pictures can be anything such as shrimps, fish, chicken, and crabs, etc. If the dice rolls out showing the same image on which you placed a bet earlier, you win the game.

Head tail coin panda

As the name itself suggests, this gambling game uses 3 coins to determine victory. In this game, all three coins have a tail side with a red dragon while a blue tiger shows the head side.

It is a pretty simple game where all you have to do is predict what side of the coin will appear after flipping. Above all, it guarantees higher winning chances than any other gambling game.

Sic Bo Online

Judi Sic Bo is another dice gambling game that is around us for quite some time now. It is the perfect way to have endless entertainment while playing and earning some money according to the bets placed earlier.

Sic bo is a table game that includes three dice with numbers from 1-6 placed on them. A machine shuffles the dice and players have to guess from numerous dice combinations to win the game and receive exciting prizes. However, players should remember that the payout value differs and depends entirely on the amount of bets they place at the beginning of the game.

Over the past few years, the total number of gambling websites dealing with real money has increased significantly. By playing on a trusted Idn live casino partner website, users can spare themselves from frauds and data hackers. Now, all they need is capital and a stable internet connection to play gambling games from any part of the world.