You might have noticed an increase in the number of vapers who have switched to vape mods from the mechanical mods and the vaporizers for personal pen style. If you are still wondering why the switch, and what is making the box mods to be popular, you are not the only one. Box mods have risen in popularity through the communities of vaping all over the world. The following is a list of some of the reasons why the vape mods have become a staple in the community of vaping.

Superb temperature control

Without any doubt, one of the best features that a box mod vaporizer is their ability to control temperature which is not found on the traditional vaporizers where it used to be one size that fits all approach when it comes to temperature. The user did not have control over the hotness or coldness of the hit of the vaporizer and was often left wondering at what temperature that they were to vape.

With the box mod vaporizers, the vapers can specify what temperature they want for their vapor to be. It is the control which might not be insignificant at first, but after the feature is used, you will be sure to see its benefits.

No dry hits

You will have no dry hits when the temperature is controlled. If you have ever utilized the vaporizer that doesn’t have a temperature control, you might be familiar with the dry hit. When a vaporizer that doesn’t have temperature control runs out of the eliquid, the vapors end up experiencing what is known as a dry hit. Just imagine the worst thing which you have tasted infused with a lot of heats and some painful throat and you will get a dry hit.

Control of temperature will prevent having the dry hits by not allowing the vaporizer materials to ever get above a particular temperature. When utilizing a vaporizer that does not have a temperature control, in case you happen to take a hit when there is no liquid, there is nothing which will prevent the vaporize to continue to vaporize and the usage of getting a dry hit that is satan-like. With a temperature control, if you happen to run out of the liquid and still continue to take the liquid, you will be able to receive no vapor at all instead of the dry hit.

The temperature control is known to be a feature that is fantastic which has caused vapers allover to rejoice. The dry hit used to be one of the worst and potentially most dangerous elements when it comes to vaping. The box mods eliminated the horrible feature making it a great benefit which has helped their buzz and popularity.

Another advantage that comes with the control of temperature is the ability of vaping various flavors at different temperatures. There are some vapers who feel that vaping he peach, strawberry or any other fruit flavors at a temperature that are lower, produces a flavor that is better than vaping them when the temperatures are higher.