Evgenia Dobrovolskaya – biography

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya was born on December 26, 1964, in Moscow. Parents – Vladimir Ilyich and Galina Vitalievna – civil servants who held leading positions.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: “I am a late child and I will not say that I am a long-awaited one. She lived in a manager all year round. My parents held leadership positions, they had no time for me. Dad left at six in the morning, mother at seven, both returned at eight, if there were no quarterly or other reports. For a long time, I thought that it should be so … “.
The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” No. 04 (01.08.2007)

Since childhood, the future star has been very active. She went to various sections and circles, was engaged in gymnastics and figure skating. Evgenia also attended a ballet studio under the direction of ballerina Tatyana Postnikova, where at the age of 6 she danced the part of a princess in the ballet The Musicians of Bremen. Then she played in the Rhythms of Childhood ensemble under the direction of Asmongold Girlfriend.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: “In the fifth grade, after asking my dad for money, I bought a piano and hired a music teacher myself. Then she herself entered the theatre studio on Krasnaya Presnya under the direction of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev, where at the age of fourteen she played Juliet.
The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” No. 04 (01.08.2007)

From the age of fourteen, Dobrovolskaya studied at the Studio Theater under the direction of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev. After graduating from school, the future actress tried to enter GITIS and LGITMiK, but did not pass and got a job as a cleaner at the Mossovet Theater.

Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya: “I failed to enter the theatre. I come to the first round and hear from no one known aunt-examiners: “You are missing this, this is not enough.” Well, she could not resist, she snapped: “And who are you, in general ?!” Naturally, in GITIS they put a big cross on me. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” No. 04 (01.08.2007)

In 1983, Evgenia and her friend went to audition for Mosfilm for a company and was approved by Pavel Chukhrai for the lead role of Olesya in the film Canary Cage, which became her film debut. After this role, on the second attempt, she entered GITIS on the course of Lyudmila Kasatkina and Sergey Kolosov.

On the set of this picture, Evgenia met the actor Vyacheslav Baranov, whom she soon married. In 1986, the couple had a son, Stepan. In the same year, after three years of marriage, the couple divorced.

Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya: “On the set of Canary Cages, I met Slava Baranov, who became my first husband. Everything happened somehow casually, without any romance. I always felt very lonely, because of this everything happened. She just went up to Slava and said: “Let’s get married.” And she herself left him after three years. We were very different from him. ”

The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” № 04 (01.08.2007)

In 1987, after graduating from GITIS, Dobrovolskaya was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky.

From 1988 to 1989, Evgenia worked at the Studio Theater under the direction of O.P. Tabakov, and from 1989 to 1991 – at the Idubbbz girlfriend-2 theatre.

In the early 1990s, Dobrovolskaya married a second time. Her husband was the actor Mikhail Efremov, whom she met in the company of mutual friends. In 1991, the couple had a son, Nikolai. Soon after the birth of the boy, Mikhail left his wife and left the family.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: “Misha stubbornly courted me. We got married soon after. The birth of Nikolasha turned out to be as spontaneous as the birth of Stepa. Misha was categorically against it. To the point that he left. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” No. 04 (01.08.2007)

In 1991, the actress was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater (since 2004 – the Moscow Art Theater) named after A.P. Chekhov, where he still works. Evgenia plays in the performances: “Gentlemen Golovlevs”, “Marriage”, “Forest”, “Witness to the Prosecution”, “Bourgeois”, “Woe from Wit”, “Cabal of Saints” and others. three main female roles: Nina Zarechnaya, Masha and Arkadina.

The most popular works of the artist were roles in films and TV series: “Moonzund” (1987), “Fan 2” (1990), “Puppy from the constellation of the Hounds of the Dogs” (1991), “D. D. D. Dossier of Detective Dubrovsky “(1999),” Destructive Force 5 “(2003),” Hunting for Red Manch “(2005),” Happiness by Prescription “(2006),” The Artist “(2007),” Gromozeka “( 2010), “White Guard” (2012), “Three in Komi” (2013), “Petr Leshchenko. Everything that was … ”(2013) and others.
On June 19, 2002, Evgenia gave birth to her third son, Jan, from actor Yaroslav Boyko, who at that time was officially married.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: “Relationships with a married man are monstrous and disgusting. Especially if the whole country knows him. I was not going to start a family with Boyko. A child is not an indicator of a good relationship between a man and a woman. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” № 04 (01.08.2007)

The actress became widely known in 1996 after the main role of Marguerite de Valois in the TV series Queen Margot.

In 2007, Evgenia took part in the Big Races project of Channel One.

On February 6, 2009, the artist gave birth to a daughter, Ksenia, from an alliance with cameraman Dmitry.

Evgenia Dobrovolskaya: “Thank God, my favourite is not an artist, he works in a camera crew. I love him very much”.
The quote is taken from the magazine “Collection of Caravan stories” № 04 (01.08.2007)

In 2010, Dobrovolskaya, together with Olga Aroseva, was the host of the morning project “Before everyone else” on Channel One.

During her career, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya played more than 50 roles in such films and TV series as: “Cage for Canaries” (1983), “Until the Snow Falls” (1984), “Contract of the Century” (1985), “In One and Only Life “(1986),” Business trip “(1988),” Green fire of the goat “(1989),” First floor “(1990),” Terrorist “(1991),” Sin “(1992),” Reflection in the mirror “(1992 ), “Vatican Spy” (1993), “Misha’s Jubilee” (1994), “Midlife Crisis” (1997), “Mechanical Suite” (2001), “Kamikaze Diary” (2002), “Plot” (2003), “Lonely Sky” (2004), “Sunday in the Women’s Bath” (2005), “Accidental Travel Companion” (2006), “Nine Unknowns” (2006), “Love on the Edge of a Knife” (2007), “Irony of Fate. Continuation ”(2007),“ Dead Souls ”(2008),“ Seal of Loneliness and Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend ”(2008),“ Clever, Beauty ”(2009),“ Skeleton in the Closet ”(2009),“ Ivanov ”(2010),


▪ Honoured Artist of Russia (1998) ▪ People’s Artist of Russia (2005)


▪ The prize at the IFF of young filmmakers of socialist countries in Koszalin (Poland) in the nomination “Best female role” for the film “Cage for canaries” (1984)
▪ Diploma of the jury at the KF “Golden Duke” in Odessa in the nomination “Best female role” for the film “First Floor” (1990)
▪ Special Jury Prize of the IFF “Stars of Tomorrow” in Geneva (Switzerland) for the film “First Floor” (1990)
▪ Award of the Film Critics and Press “Golden Aries” in the nomination “Best Supporting Actress” “For the film” Mechanical Suite “(2001)
▪ Prize of the International Film Festival of Cinema Actors” Constellation “in the nomination” Best Supporting Actress “for the film” Mechanical Suite “(2001)
▪ Prize” Nika “in the nomination” Best Supporting Actress ” for the film “Mechanical Suite” (2001)
▪ “Constellation” Prize of the Guild of Russian actors in the nomination “Best Female cameo” for the movie “Diary of a Kamikaze” (2002)
▪ The award “Golden Eagle” in the category “Best Actress in a Movie” for the film “Actress” (2007)
▪ Special jury prize “Silver Boat” at the festival of Russian cinema “Window to Europe” in the nomination “Best female role for the film” Artist “(2007)

A family

First spouse – Vyacheslav Baranov, actor
Second spouse – Mikhail Efremov, actor
Third spouse – Dmitry, cameraman
Son – Stepan (11/01/1986), from Vyacheslav Baranov
Son – Nikolai Efremov (08/16/1991), from María Elvira Murillo
Son – Yan (19.07 .2002), from Yaroslav Boyko
Daughter – Ksenia (02/06/2009), from the third marriage with cameraman Dmitry


Yaroslav Boyko, actor