Everything About ExtraTorrent


We all love downloads, and the fastest way to download a file is torrenting. Torrents are the best way to find or search any archive, and whether it is paid or free, you can download anything from a torrent. 

Games, ISO’s, movies, images, doc files, etc. are some of the data which are available on torrent websites. Today we are going to talk about a similar site- ExtraTorrent. ExtraTorrent was founded in 2006 and celebrated their 10th Anniversary in 2016. 

The founder of ExtraTorrent named “SAM” ran an alias and was a black hat hacker as well. ExtraTorrent was shut due to piracy and other charges, but still, it has many clones which are again running over the internet.

Introduction To ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent and Kickass Proxy is a torrent serving website which served magnet links through which the users can easily search and download any required file type. 

Users can also upload any file if they want to. ExtraTorrent served many users and customers for a long time, and this was the reason it was among the most popular website among its users. It offered many categories of contents which were paid and were not readily available. 

With the very interactive user interface, the site grabbed the user’s attention very quickly. ExtraTorrent had a feature of reporting- malicious links, files containing viruses, inappropriate media and much more, which made this website a secured website among its users.

But due to piracy and copyright issues, ExtraTorrent was shut down permanently. The owner of ExtraTorrent‘ SAM’confirmed the shutdown news and said: “It’s time to say goodbye”. But sooner the website was relaunched with a new domain- ExtraTorrent.cd

It is a fact that file sharing sites survive very less. They come and go and comes back with a new domain.

After gaining so much attention and news from users, ExtraTorrent came in the blacklist of webmasters, and that’s the reason most of the ISP’s don’t let you access it very quickly. Now only some mirror websites are available of ExtraTorrent are left for the fans. 

They can access it using proxies and VPNs and can have access to most of the content of ExtraTorrent.

 “We are a group of uploaders and admins from ExtraTorrent. As you know, SAM from ExtraTorrent pulled the plug yesterday and took all data offline. We were in deep shock and have been working hard to get it back online with all previous data. 

We have successfully resurrected it back to its glory at extratorrent.cd with all available data. It’s live, and new data is continuously being updated. Some small features are not yet working, and we are getting it fixed as we speak,” were the few lines said by new admins of ExtraTorrent in an email. Right now, ExtraTorrent has changed their old domain- ExtraTorrent.cd and moved to a new domain which is- ExtraTorrent.si.

ExtraTorrent and VPN

ExtraTorrent is illegal, and many service providers don’t allow users to use it. Therefore, to access ExtraTorrent in some countries, you need to connect VPN with it. 

A VPN is a virtual private network that acts as bridge between your system and remote server. Only the user and the linked server has access to the private network. 

A VPN makes a secure path which is encrypted with end to end algorithm. Only the linked server and the user knows where the traffic is going to. You can access dark web and blocked content with the use of VPN. Whatever the site is, If you connect VPN with it, then the site itself will not know that you’re visiting it. 

ExtraTorrents Alternatives 

Every website has some unique speciality and problems as well. Sometimes, the site is moved to a new domain and sometimes the site is crashed. ExtraTorrents is not the worst and not the perfect website for torrenting. The rival websites of ExtraTorrents have some extra features with it. Some have a better interface, and some have a better database. So, what should the users do? Below are some websites which are very much similar to Extratorrent and have unique specialities.

You can visit them if you don’t get the right content-

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. 1337x
  3. KAT.cr