All You Need to Know About KissCartoons


We always loved sitting next to our television sets and watch that old mickey mouse, tom and jerry, Donald duck cartoons. 

But over time, those cartoons went off the air, leaving some nostalgic memories with us. But we still miss those cartoons. 

Today we are going to tell you about a website which will give you access to thousands of cartoons, animes, movies, mangas and much more. 

You can visit the website with your kids as well and search for their favorite cartoons right ahead and watch them. 

The name of the website is Kisscartoon and is the most fantastic cartoon broadcasting website. 

This website has a vast collection of U.S. cartoons, anime, manga, movies, etc. and you can watch any show absolutely for free

What Is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is among those popular websites which showcase the media content on their own site by fetching the data from other servers. 

Developed by Kiss Anime Network, KissCartoon has several servers in different locations, and most of them are in different countries.

 Initially, the site was hosted in Vietnam, but now it is hosted on different servers of many different countries, which does not encourage copyright issues and copyright laws. 

KissCartoon provides free streaming content that you can access from any of your devices with just an internet connection and web browser

Most of the shows which are available on the platform are in HD quality with a wide variety. The website is genuinely organized and makes you feel that the developer’s ave spent their time building an interactive user website. 

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The interactive behavior of the site allows the users to search quickly, and binge watches their favorite shows.

Although, there are now clones of the website running as the original website was closed on November 27, 2017, when several U.S. agencies interfered in the running of the website and requested the Vietnamese government to take legal actions against the owner of the website. 

Right now, the clones of the website are managed by the same people, but no one knows how and from where they run these websites. Below is the list of some domains of the KissCartoon website


Is KissCartoon Safe?

As you may have read in the above paragraphs, KissCartoon hosts the content without the permission of the owner of media, and that’s why it is not safe. These sites are often found to deliver malicious scripts and viruses to visitors. 

Even the website sometime generates some pop-ups which redirect the user to another webpage, which has several malicious programs inside it and which can make you compromise your credential information. 

KissCartoon has a broader option to generate money. They use advertisements to create money, and these advertisements have endless redirects and pop-ups. 

These pop-ups are nothing just some JavaScript files which hackers inject into the website, so whenever somebody visits the website, he falls into the trap. 

Moreover, the ads as well are not managed by an excellent online advertisement manager company like google. Instead, the advertisement service is managed by hackers or malicious people who are eagerly waiting for you to visit the website.

KissCartoon servers also act as crypto miners, and they use your devices as miners without the knowledge of the user.

Is KissCartoon Legal?

KissCartoon is an entirely illegal website. This website hosts pirated content, including anime and cartoon movies, and the owners or managers of the website have no right to host any of the material. 

Also, KissCartoon was shut many times, and servers of the company were banned by Google as well. Although the website still uses some other servers to host the content. 

When the website was shut, it immediately moved to a cloned version of the website with the same content but a different domain.

Many fake KissCartoon clone sites are still on the internet, which carries an even more substantial risk of malicious programs. 

These sites are exact copies of the original website, and no clue manages these sites.