Erasable Pens Uses

Erasable pens have emerged in the past few years. However, very few people know these erasable pens. There are some models but the most popular ones are from the pilot Frixion brand.

We can say that erasable pens integrate the characteristic of a pencil that’s why they are easily erasable. Only that they use ink to make the writing more vibrant. They are a product of great minds out there.

Erasable pens are a clear indication that ink is not permanent. I mean, writing with a pencil is not always interesting.The erasable pens make you don’t mind too much when you make a mistake when writing.

The struggle of using white-out to hide written mistakes is real. As much as the white-out will hide the mistake, the writing will not be neat as you intend it to be.

Don’t be left out in this advancement. Get yourself an erasable pen and trust me you will like it.Let’s see some of its uses and how it works to help you understand it better.

How it works

Just like standard gel pens, erasable pens use ink. The difference comes in the erasability and ink formulation. The ink in gel pens is not the same as that in erasable pens. The ink used in erasable pens is sensitive to heat. This is what makes it erasable.

Once you make writings with an erasable pen and expose to heat, the ink automatically disappears. When you rub an eraser on the piece of paper written using an erasable pen, there is friction creation.  The friction brings about heat production that fades the ink always. That is simply how erasable pens function.

Uses of an erasable pen

An erasable pen will be useful depending on what you intend to do with it. You will find that you can’t use an erasable pen in writing everything. Some writings on legal documents or informal documents that are for long term use need some permanence.

Therefore, using an erasable pen might not be a good idea. However in case what you are writing is for short term use, an erasable pen will be great for that.In case you are using an erasable pen for the right purpose, you will enjoy its performance. You can use an erasable pen in different activities;

  • Writing notes; if you are handwriting your notes, you are prone to making a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. If you write your notes with an erasable pen, you can always go back and correct them effectively.
  • Marking the calendar; you can use an erasable pen to mark appointments or things you need to do on a particular day. After the appointment, you can erase to keep the calendar tidy.
  • Playing puzzles;when playing puzzles like Sudoku or Crosswords you will need an erasable pen. It will make your puzzle neat to enter correct numbers or letters.
  • Drawing; Erasable pens work miracles in drawings. The drawing needs a lot of erasing. Using a pencil can be great but it will not have the ink vibrancy. This is where an erasable pen comes in. However, make sure that you use it to make thick drawings. It will not work perfectly for thin drawing.
  • Writing lists; Lists of items are short term writing. Therefore, there is no harm using an erasable pen. Erasable pens work great for shopping lists. The list will not look dull as with a pencil. You can erase over an item once you purchase it.

Erasable pens are great.You will use them in a lot of activities than you ever expected. You will realize that they are worth being basic needs everywhere. However, you should note that, once you erase, it becomes hard to write with it on the erasable part. Although in overall you will benefit more from an erasable pen.


Make your work neat by using an erasable pen. You can use them everywhere you feel like; at home, school, and also office. In case you need to scribble something temporary just use an erasable pen.It will ensure flexibility and also colorfulness. In case you are bored using regular pencils and pens, erasable pens have got you covered.