Perfect Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe in 3-Steps

Minecraft Blast Furnace
Minecraft Blast Furnace

Hello, Minecrafters! Looking for the best Minecraft blast furnace recipe? If so then you have reached the right spot as here you will find the best way to craft blast furnace and equip your inventory with it. So, ready to know how to make a blast furnace Minecraft? Keep reading to know all about Minecraft and the easiest means to make a minecraft blast furnace. Moreover, you’ll get to know all about what does it do, and how does it work. 

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

To make a blast furnace in Minecraft, all you need to do is to follow a simple 3-step guide that will apprise you all about the easiest Minecraft blast furnace recipe.

Have a look below to know about the three simple steps to craft blast furnace. 

The three simple steps for making blast furnace Minecraft are:

  • Open the crafting menu
  • Place the required items into the crafting menu
  • Shift the Blast Furnace to the Inventory

Now, comes the questions “how to open the crafting table?”, “what items are required to craft blast furnace?”, and lastly, “how to move the blast furnace to the inventory, and why?”

Keep reading to know the answers of all these as yet, we haven’t apprised you about the detail of these simple steps of Minecraft blast furnace recipe. 

Have a look below to know about the detail of the three simple steps to craft blast furnace. 

1. Open The Crafting Menu (3×3 grids)

The first step of the Minecraft blast furnace recipe involves the opening of the crafting table so that you can fill it with the required items later. 

There is only one that you need to keep in mind while opening the crafting menu. The crafting menu has to follow the 3×3 grid pattern. 

Have a look below to know how exactly a 3×3 crafting menu looks like:

3x3 crafting menu
Step 1 – Open crafting menu

Now, let’s move on to the next step of the Minecraft blast furnace recipe. 

2. Place the Required Items Into The Crafting Menu

In the second step, you are required to add the required items into the crafting menu. The items that you need to craft blast furnace are:

  • 5 iron ingots
  • 1 furnace
  • 3 smooth stones

Now, there are s0me things that you need to consider while placing the required items into the crafting menu. You know there are three rows in the crafting menu. In each row, there are three boxes. In each box, you are required to place an item. Don’t forget to place the right item or else you’ll end up spoiling the whole blast furnace recipe. 

Place required items
Step 2 – Place required items

Items to Add in the First Row Include:

  • 3 Ingots in each box

Items to Add in the Second Row Include:

  • 1 iron ingot in the first box
  • 1 furnace in the second box
  • again, 1 iron ingot in the third box

Items to Add in the Third Row Include:

  • 3 smooth stones in each box

Again, we are saying, don’t misplace the items. To craft blast furnace properly, you need to add all the required items in the right place. 

For a proper illustration, have a look below:


3. Shift the Blast Furnace to the Inventory

Congrats! You have successfully made Blast Furnace Minecraft. Now, it is time to move it to the right place; where it belongs to. 

The third step of the Blast Furnace Minecraft Recipe involves the shifting of the blast furnace to the inventory. 

After crafting blast furnace by placing iron ingots, furnace, and smooth stones in accordance with the rules of Blast Furnace Minecraft Recipe as mentioned above, you are required to move it to the inventory so that you can use it as per your ease. 

Minecraft blast furnace
Step 3 – Shift blast furnace to Inventory

What Does a Blast Furnace Do in Minecraft?

As you know A blast furnace is a metallurgical furnace that is used to extract metals from the ores (smelting). Industrial metals such as pig iron, lead or copper are manufactured by using Blast Furnace. So, in Minecraft, a blast furnace is used by the players to smelt metals. The best about minecraft blast furnace is that it works two times faster than a usual furnace. However, it utilizes more fuel and can only be used to extract metals from the blocks which contain the ores of iron, gold or chainmail

Verily, a blast furnace is known to be the most important equipment in a player’s inventory. If you’re a Minecraft player then you must equip your inventory with this fastest smelting tool. 

If you are wondering about why craft blast furnace when you can simply use a furnace then take account of the fact that a blast furnace, it is more efficient, and two times faster than the furnace. If you want to enhance your experience in the Minecraft, then you must get yourself a blast Furnace. To do so, you can simply craft blast furnace as per the Minecraft blast furnace recipe given in the above section.  

If you’re having trouble with getting the required items to craft blast furnace then keep moving to find the solution.

If you are running out items then you can simply craft them yourself. 

What Do You Need to Craft a Normal Furnace?

To craft a normal furnace, you need eight pieces of cobblestone. Just add them in the crafting menu and then move the furnace to the inventory. When crafting the blast furnace, move it back to the crafting menu. 

How does a blast furnace work in Minecraft?

About the working of Blast Furnace in Minecraft, in its activated form, it emits two lights: a 13-level light (just like a furnace) and a light level which is less than a torch to smelt the metals. 

Verily, using a blast furnace isn’t that different from using a furnace. All you are required to do is to get some fuel in the left section at the bottom, point it towards the item that is to be smelted. Whereas the item has to be in the top-left section. 

For the record, just like the furnace, the Minecraft blast furnace has been designed to interact with the hoppers. 

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