Enterprise Media Gateway Market Trends, Segmentation, Regional and Forecast Analysis 2024 – 2027

Media gateway enables translation of media streams in the form of digital data telecommunications. This, in turn, supports audio, video, fax, and other similar services between different interfaces with digital technologies.

Further, media gateway also stimulates multimedia communications for packet networks using internet protocol and transport protocol such as ATM.

Moreover, growing need for versatile and efficient service for call control protocols is resulting in increased use of digital media gateway in communication network across the globe.

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Rising communication technologies, increasing subscribers, and efficient communication between different networks are likely to drive the media gateway market in coming years.

The upcoming report on enterprise media gateway market provides insights about various trend and drivers influencing growth of the market. The market intelligence report provides details about ongoing developments occurring in the market and how that will affect the market over the duration of forecast period (2019-2028). In addition, the report also covers various restraining factors, which may limit growth of the market in coming years.

Enterprise Media Gateway Market: Notable Developments

Advancement in telecom sector and improvement in protocols like 4g and Long-Term Evolution have fuelled the adoption rate of enterprise media gateway. It facilitates better speed, connectivity and offers low network latency.

Further, competition in media gateway market has resulted in reduction of price of voice call and internet. This, in turn, has enabled penetration of internet.

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Increasing use of smart phones and tablets has resulted in high rate of deployment of media gateway so that communication network can work smoothly over various physical connections, protocols, and codec.

Some of the key players operating in enterprise media gateway market are-

  • ZTE Corporation
  • AudioCodes Ltd.
  • Alcatel-Lucent SA
  • Cisco Systems Inc
  • Siemens AG
  • Grandstream Networks Inc.
  • Avaya Inc.
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

Enterprise Media Gateway Market:  Key Trends

Various enterprises are widely employing IP-based communication services and applications. This is due to cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency of the system. Further, registering the benefits, the enterprises across the globe are merging to create an integrated single enterprise network.

The transition involves the use of new application including IP-based applications. The adoption of new session initiation has also increased in recent years. This, in turn, facilitates communication between multiple end-points in the network. In addition, with application of media gateway, SIP also aids to link PBX with internet.

The global enterprise media gateway market has been witnessing tremendous demand from several sectors. Media and entertainment, telecom and IT, government, banking and insurance, healthcare, defense and hospitality are some of the end-user industries.

Moreover, wide adoption of IP-based applications by enterprises across the globe is boosting enterprise media gateway market.