The automatic response of emails on holidays. How to do it right?

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Communication has evolved towards instantaneousness for both personal and business life, email takes up a good part of the time. Therefore, we will have to configure the automatic response of emails when summer and holidays arrive because email accounts are a small headache if we want to take a vacation and disconnect from work completely.

The automatic response of emails

To be able to auto-reply emails correctly, we will first have to configure it in our email accounts. We are going to give an example of the configuration through Plesk ─which is the control panel that provides in its windows web hosting UK plans to its clients. On the email configuration page, we will find at the top a tab called “Involuntary Response ” or ” Auto responder “, in which we will catch all essential to leave our involuntary response email ready for our breaks.

From this tab we can activate and deactivate the option. When activated, it will let us modify the different parameters. As the subject of the email we can check that “Re: <request subject>” appears. If we leave it as it is, the automatic response will have the name of the original subject ─with which the issuer wrote it─ and a “Re:” response in front. If we modify it, the same modified subject will always be sent. A good option, in this case, would be to leave it default, and, in case we want to change it, a good subject could be “I am on vacation”. Buy the best and cheap window hosting UK service.

You can check our support and help areas to deepen the establishment of automatic responses.

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How to write a good automatic response?

Now we enter the most important part when configuring an automatic response: the body of the text.

It is very important to have the text of the automatic response well-drafted since this will not lose customers or potential customers, in addition to being able to redirect emergencies to a means by which we can respond instantly.

The basic scheme that we can follow is as follows:

Greeting with thanks for contacting: essential in any email. In this case, we cannot say “Good morning” as we do not know at what time of the day the automatic response will be sent. We should also appreciate writing to us. So a good option for the greeting could be “Hello, thanks for contacting me …” Check out the gridhosting review.

Clarification of the present condition. Dates of nonappearance: You necessity agree on the date when we will be accessible again. Specifying the return date is much easier and clearer than specifying vacation dates. For example: “I will reappear on September 16” well then “I will be on vacation from September 1 to 15, both included.” Both are valid, although in this case less is better than more.

A brief apology for non-availability: Although we are all entitled to a well-deserved vacation, the recipient of the automatic response will appreciate your apology for the lack of availability at that time. A “reason the troublesomeness that my absenteeism may source” could be worth it.

Redirection to another email from someone from your company to contact: you must indicate an email or a contact phone number so that the recipient is calm in case they need something. You need professional email hosting UK that matches your domain.

Contact form in case of urgency: in case of urgency, leave a phone number or other form of contact (another email that you check on vacation or WhatsApp, for example). You must specify that you are contacted only in an emergency to avoid discomfort during the holidays. People will understand.

Greetings: we generically greet the recipient and we can congratulate the summer if we wish. For example “Greetings and pleasing summer”, “Realize you round the corner”.

Before terminating the automatic response, it is necessary to re-read the email to avoid errors in the dates, telephone numbers, and/or contact emails.

Of course, we must not forget that the writing of the automatic mail has to be consistent with the rest of our emails. So if we always tutor, we will tutor. If we treat you to our clients, we will write it as such.

Automatic reply example

To finish, an example of automatic response could be:


Thanks for contacting me. First of all, sorry for not being available. I am on vacation and will return on September 16.

In case you need something before, you can contact [Name and email of the partner]. If it is an emergency you can contact me in [Contact form]

Greetings and happy summer.”

It is short and concise. We don’t have to write much more. We will save our reader time and the information will be seen quickly.

Don’t be afraid of potential problems or worry about email in any way. We recommend that you set up an automatic response email whenever you go on vacation and forget to constantly check it. If it was necessary to enter because you cannot leave it aside – you are self-employed or you have a position of high responsibility – we recommend you specify two times a day to check the mail for about 10 minutes and read diagonally. So in addition to the return they will not have so many emails pending reading. Hillingdon grid webmail marketing services are available for business owners.