Egypt’s Heavenly Mixture of Modern & Ancient Wonders

Egypt is like an interdimensional land filled with magical wonders from the ancient and modern worlds merged together in the most enchanting fashion, offering the finest experience for every traveler from all over the globe. Egypt Trips will take all travelers across a series of majestic colossal monuments within the embrace of the historical cities of Cairo, and Luxor which became injected with all bells and whistles of modern-day life.

Cairo – The City of Minarets and Wonders

There is no other location more vibrant other than the capital Cairo, known to be the first place of entry to all travelers who are immediately stunned by the level of population density and busy streets of the city. One of the finest attractions in the city for historical and non-historical travelers alike is the Grand Egyptian Museum, A newly established monuments known to be one of the biggest museums in the world filled with the rarest and most magical collection of ancient Egyptian Artifacts and marvelous mummies to great kings and queens across more than 4500 years but the crown jewel of the museum remains the incredible funeral mask of Tutankhamen accompanied by his incredible treasures.

The ancient Egyptians left a staircase leading all the way to the heavens called the Giza Pyramid Complex which holds the great Pyramid of Cheops one of the oldest seven wonders in the ancient world, constructed in 2560 BC to reach 480 ft “146.7 m” tall using 2.3 million limestone blocks with a workforce of 120,000 free skilled works. The great pyramid was able to reach an unprecedented level of perfected architecture that still inspires whoever gazes at it. Found in the complex is the great Sphinx of Giza which is a colossal statue of a mythical creature possessing the body of a lion and the head of a man believed to be king Khafre fused with the protective energy of the heavens.

Cairo will offer plenty of options through Egypt vacation packages to explore such as the incredible Cairo Citadel which houses the enchanting Mosque of Mohammed Ali and a number of mosques like Amr Ibn Alas, Ibn Tulun, Al-Azhar, and more. Most of the visitors to Egypt have agreed that Khan El Khalili Bazaar is the best part of the tour as it put all visitors in a state of thrill and amazement through wondering within the maze of alleyways representing the ideal location for shoppers and traders where the greatest and oldest game of the price is right in on 24/7. The Bazaar is filled with a variety of marvelous items and souvenirs like Spices, Rugs, Pottery, Perfumes, Clothes, and many more.

Luxor – The allure and grandeur of Upper Egypt

Luxor knows no bounds especially through the golden city of the celestial. It is a legendary city where the gods descended from the heavens to meet their subjects and many kings and queens lived and died. The city holds the divine Karnak Temples Complex, the biggest open-air museum in the world constructed across 2000 years within the middle and new kingdom, offering a clear vision of ancient architecture and art. The valley of the kings is a stone history book filled with the history of three ancient Egyptian dynasties like the entire Ramses family of kings and queens, Seti I, and The boy-king Tutankhamen across 500 years, located hidden in the heart of a mountain.

A Nile Cruise Across the Oldest River in Existence

Nile cruise experience will offer a chance to witness all the natural elements that live in Egypt Possible. The Fate of Egypt and the Nile are entangled and connected with every meaning of the world. The Nile cruise will sail on the same path which the ancient Egyptians sailed on for thousands of years accompanied with luxurious, elegant, and relaxing service from start to finish.

A Tour in Egypt is a one-of-a-kind adventure waiting for every true traveler to witness a rare mixture of history and culture revealing the power, beauty, and influence of Egypt in ancient and modern times