Now you can download free games for Windows Computer or Laptop

Thousands of free games are waiting for you to try them: there is no need to pay to play on your computer, and in 2019 you have countless titles available to download without spending money. It is legal, and these are titles that will make you spend hours and hours in front of the computer.

To play on your computer it is not necessary to pay: you have plenty of free games for Windows available on different platforms and web pages. If you don’t know them and would like to take a look at their catalogs, we tell you where to download PC games without paying.

In the sites to download free games that we have compiled, you will find different types of titles. On the one hand, there are the complete free video games, which are accessible to all users, and on the other, there are the free to play, which although they can be played completely free, they have a micro-payment system so that users can move faster or get items more powerful

In the catalogs of these platforms and websites with free games to download, you will find titles of all genres and features, both popular and unknown. From the best known free to play, such as Dota 2, Devil May Cry through classic video games that can be downloaded for free for a limited time or indie titles yet to be discovered.

Is it possible to download paid games for free? Yes and no. If we stick to the legal alternatives, the options you have before you are very wide: do not think that you have to download a torrent or an executable file illegally to be able to prove payment titles. Some many pages and stores offer free games, and also completely securely.


Here are the best sites to download games for Windows.

If what you are looking for are free indie video games for PC, on the portal you will find a good assortment of titles of genres and very varied characteristics. The catalog consists of more than 87,000 demos and free games, and to locate them quickly you can filter the list by price by clicking on the Free option in the Price section or directly accessing this link.

You have tabs at your disposal to organize the results by popularity, top sales, best rated or recently added. You can also filter by gender or by tag. In the detail tab of each game, you will see all the information provided by the developer and you can download the title and save it to your computer.

Microsoft Store

If you wonder where to download free games for Windows, an alternative that you have at your fingertips is the Microsoft store. In section Games and entertainment, you will find the epigraph Games for Windows, where there is a list with the main free games. Go to the category filter in the left column if you want to filter the catalog by gender.


In the card of each title, you can consult the main data of the game, among them a description and screenshots, the minimum requirements or the valuations of other people. To download it, all you have to do is click on the Get now button. is a video game sales and distribution service of the Polish company CD Projekt. In addition to paid titles, it also offers you a wide range of free PC games that you can download to your computer.

To find the free titles, all you have to do is go to the Store section and select Free in the Price filter. You will instantly see all the options available, among which there are demos, packs and extra content of paid games, paid titles that thanks to a promotion can be downloaded without cost temporarily, and free games. In the detail tab of each one of them, you can see the detailed information, system requirements or user ratings.

Like other digital video game distribution platforms, to download the titles you need to create a free account and install the application on your computer. Once this is done, you can save the games you want in your library and access them through the app.



Origin, the online videogame platform developed by Electronic Arts, is another recommended site for downloading free PC games. It has a section dedicated to free titles that you can enter from this link. Here you will find the selection of Inviting, a section that brings together expansions and complete games that can be obtained for free temporarily.

On the other hand, the Tests section offers limited access to a complete game so you can try it, with the advantage that your progress is saved if you decide to buy it. There is also a section dedicated to Demos and betas. Finally, it has a specific section for free games.

To access the catalog, all you have to do is create a free account in the service and install the Origin application on your PC, which will give you access to your library of games to play from your computer.


Steam from Valve is the digital gaming distribution platform. In addition to its paid catalog, it also has a wide selection of free PC video games that you can download on any Windows computer. To find the free titles, go to the Free to Play section and use the filters you have available to navigate. You can see the catalog according to different classifications (new and popular, the most sold, what is played) or by gender.

In the list, there are Free to Play titles, free and demos, a fact that can be seen in the preview. You have both popular and unknown games at your disposal, and to help you decide which ones to download you can take a look at the user ratings in the card of each game, where you can also check their main data, minimum requirements or available languages.

To download free games for Windows on Steam you need to have an account that you can create in a couple of minutes with your email. Then, install the application for your PC from this link and through it, you will have access to your game library.