The best PS4 games to give your child this Christmas

If you have a PlayStation and your children also play the console, it is almost certain that with the arrival of Christmas they are trying to buy you a new game to add to your collection.

If you are looking for a good game that fills hours of entertainment and is not especially violent and is within the limits of good taste for minors, this list of games is perfect.

You can always be guided by the PEGI system that indicates at what age the games are recommended, since many may include foul language, discrimination, drugs, scary scenes, sex, violence or play.

All the games we have selected are between PEGI 7 and PEGI 16, the only one being a very funny Spider-Man game that only contains some scenes of violence, but nothing excessively crude.

These games are perfect to give to your children, nephews, children of your friends or any minor with a PlayStation 4.


Minecraft is not only one of the best games of the last decade, but it is also a game that has been used in educational centers and that keeps the smallest of the house looking for new ways to solve problems.

Minecraft is a simulation game with pixelated graphics in which you have to build all kinds of elements, buildings, and objects to survive in an area where you start with nothing.

To survive you have to collect items such as wood and rocks and then use them to build all kinds of buildings. The character will progress according to your expertise to build all kinds of elements that you can combine. But watch out at night, because you are not alone and some zombies will attack you, so build a shelter as soon as possible!


Another year the EA football simulator has become the favorite of the whole world. It is the football game with the largest number of players and clubs, which allows you to play against friends in friendly matches or leagues.

FIFA 20 includes for the first time a game mode called VOLTA. It is inspired by street football, like the one played in the streets and fields around the world. You can play a quick game, a world tour or even a league.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

This Spider-Man game has received excellent reviews thanks to a great open world and excellent playability.

You will be Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man who will have to move around New York showing his acrobatic skills while navigating the big city with his cobwebs. It includes a new combat system.

The best of this game is the great open world that is New York, for which you not only have to complete missions; you can also wander around the city moving with cobwebs with excellent graphics.


Fortnite has become one of the most famous games in the world right now. A mass phenomenon and that the youngest devour not only on their consoles, PCs, and mobiles, also watching games of other gamers and looking for merchandise.

Fortnite is a multiplayer game where to win you must be the last player standing in games where everyone competes against everyone. It requires a certain skill that will be gained over time because it is not only pointed and kill the enemy, you can also build structures with which to protect yourself and for which you need materials that you will find throughout the map.

It is a game that requires and at the same time trains mental agility. Besides, every few months the maps and characters change, so the game stays fresh for longer.

The Crew 2

This is a fast-paced and incredibly agile racing game that puts your driving skills at bay. It is not a simple car racing game, in The Crew 2, you can choose races with cars, boats, motorcycles or even airplanes.

It has good gameplay where you can move from one vehicle to another whenever you want. You can also test your coordination in careers and challenges in several cities in the United States.

It is a perfect game for those who like cars and races, but also offers more types of competitions and a huge number of vehicles of all kinds, from F1, motocross bikes, state-of-the-art sports cars or stunt planes among many others.