The increase in demand for safe and convenient packaging for lightweight packages has led to the growth of the demand for envelopes. Envelopes are broadly used by various end-user such as the e-commerce industry, financial service providers, legal offices, postal services, and corporate offices. Self-sealing envelopes are used for sending private and confidential lightweight packages or documents which can be of the government, financial organisations, court, banks, crime investigation and other organisations. These self-sealing envelopes allow the users to know the information hasn’t been leaked as the envelope is tamper-proof which enables safe and efficient delivery.

Self-sealing envelopes is also known as security envelopes as they provide security to the information that has been packed. The self-sealing envelopes are made up of materials like plastic, paper and other materials.

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Self-sealing Envelopes Market: Dynamics

The self-sealing envelope market is gaining traction all over the globe because of its applications of securely delivering lightweight packages in the form of paper notes. There are various colours, sizes, designs and material mix available. The main features of the self-healing envelope are that it is tamper-proof, waterproof, fully reusable and recyclable, easy to write on with any pen, and also termite-proof. Even if there is an attempt to open the self-sealing envelope, an irreversible mark or a void message is left on the envelope that makes it easier to understand the envelope has tampered. The factor that drives the growth of the self-sealing envelopes market is the growing threat of tampering, pilferage, safety and other concerns in terms of mail that poses high-security information.

The global population is rising exponentially and the need to communicate and channels to communicate is also increasing due to the growth in supply chain and logistics, e-commerce, free trade boosting the growth of the self-sealing envelope market. Many organisation are on the way to expand globally which includes a lot of uninterrupted and clear communication between the consumers and the business and the mass market.

Although there are various benefits of using self-sealing envelopes, with the increasing digitalisation the world has started to incline more towards the new technologies to connect and interact with businesses, consumers and individuals. Advanced communication such as the internet, social media, TV, radio and advertising has started to replace the postal services. These platforms are creating a tough situation for the growth of the self-sealing envelope market hampering the growth rate. E-mails deliver any message in less than a minute to any part of the world with the utmost security and privacy which is not possible by the postal services.

There is no restriction with the length or size of the information or any attachments to send via the internet, unlike a self-sealing envelope that can store only a particular number of the package. Growing environmental safety and degradation problems are also at the peak which influences the decision of the individual and businesses to use the internet for communication purposes.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected numerous industries by declining the demand of any non-essential product. This has resulted in stoppage of manufacturing plant due to the unavailability of raw materials and labour creating a disruption in the supply chain. Self-sealing envelope has been started to get replaced by technological advancements such as e-mails, social media and others. The Covid 19 proved to hamper the sales of the self-sealing envelope.

Self-sealing Envelopes Market: Regional Outlook

The Asia Pacific poses as the largest user of the self-sealing envelope accounting for the increase in the population. The self-sealing envelope is highly used to transfer and deliver private information by banks, crime branches, legal offices, corporate offices, and other end users. Consumers were highly dependent on the postal services before the technological advancements a few years back. The availability of raw materials is also high with low labour cost for easy manufacturing of the self-sealing envelope. North America and Europe are also facing the same outlook as of Asia Pacific in regards to technological advancements.

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Self-sealing Envelopes Market: Key Players

Key players in the Self-sealing Envelopes Market are,

  • Alta Packaging, Inc.
  • Mil-Spec Packaging of GA, Inc.
  • Deluxe Packaging
  • XPress 360
  • Domino Plastics Mfg., Inc.
  • Salazar Packaging, Inc.
  • The Buckeye Bag Company
  • Euphoria Packaging LLP
  • Solutions Packaging
  • Dynaflex Private Ltd
  • Mehta Envelope Mfg. Co.
  • Alpine Plastics
  • Blake Envelopes
  • Dhwani Polyprints Pvt
  • Ethical Polypaper Pvt

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