5 Mother of The Bride Dresses Styles to Wear on a Rustic-Themed Wedding

Weddings with a rustic theme have been famous for the past few years. Aside from being environment-friendly, the atmosphere of the venue also looks and feels very simple, calm, and romantic. The venues are also commonly full of natural elements, such as flowers and wood. With this kind of atmosphere, we could say that weddings are truly a special and personal moment not only for the couple but for the guests as well, especially their parents.

As a tribute to the lovely woman who raised the bride to be who she currently is, it is just right to make sure that she’s dressed pleasantly and fashionably.

Here are some style inspirations for the dress that the mother of the bride can wear on a rustic-themed wedding:

Midi Dress with Lace Sleeves

A tea-length midi dress with lace sleeves would be perfect for the bride’s mother because it would give her the chance to show off her gorgeous pair of shoes. The floweriness of the dress also makes it easier and convenient for the mother to walk.

If the couple is getting married in the summer, the length of the dress and its lace sleeves would make the mother look stylish, but it won’t make her feel as hot or humid. To complete the look, the mother could wear either low heels or ballerina flats. These footwears wouldn’t hurt her feet when she’s standing or walking around for long periods.

If the mother is petite, she could check to look for this midi dress with lace sleeves in any prom store in NJ. In case there’s no ready-made midi dress with lace sleeves, the couple could request to have a dress altered for the mother.

Full-Length Cape Dress

 The cape dress would be perfect for the mother’s bride, especially if the couple is getting married in the colder seasons of the year. The cape would act as a natural blanket that could keep the mother warm during the whole event.

Meanwhile, the length of the dress would also serve the same purpose, as well as hiding the footwear of the mother so that she could change into more comfortable shoes whenever needed. Moreover, the silhouette of the dress exudes a “fashionable, strong, and independent woman” vibe.

The mother could complete this look by wearing minimal jewelry, such as a set of pearl earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. A gown this majestic is surely available in bridal stores that also sell mother the bride dresses in NJ.


For mothers who aren’t comfortable wearing dresses, they could opt for a fashionable pantsuit. There are different variations of pantsuits that the mother could choose from. If she doesn’t want to wear a thick blazer, she could switch it with a blazer made out of flowy and comfortable material, or a top with a half-body length cape.

A pantsuit is pretty common attire for weddings, so if you search for this design in bridal shops in NJ, you’ll surely find one that meets your taste and expectations.

Off-Shoulder Gown

If you are a mother who’s exuding grace and confidence, a beaded off-shoulder gown is the best wedding attire for you! The beading in the gown makes the gown so elegant, while the off-shoulder design gives off a very youthful vibe to the whole attire.

You can complete this look by wearing minimal accessories. This is so that the attention of the people is focused on the dress, not the accessories. Beaded off-shoulder gowns are available in a Wedding dresses NJ.