Dracula is a famous Netflix show which has a huge fan following. The good news for fans is that creators have decided to have a new season of Dracula very soon. So we are here for you to give information and updates about Dracula Season 2

Release Date 

Season 1 of Dracula was very short and consisted of three seasons of 90 minutes each. The ending of Dracula Season 1 was well concluded and it was never expected to have the second season of the series. But makers are interested in making the second season and fans are excited about it. If the news is true about the release of the second season then we can expect to watch it by the end of 2023. However, no official updates are given about the new season but it is exciting to have one. 


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The Cast 

Claes Bang was well known for his role as the monster called Dracula. So, if we will have the renewal of the series, we can see him reprising his role again. We can also see new faces for the role of vampire hunters. Makers have not announced for season 2 so we don’t have exact names for the cast. But,surely, we will see Claes Bang as the lead star of the new season.

The Plot 

It is expected that the storyline of Dracula Season 2 will revolve around how Dracula became immortal and how his living changed before and after it. It is expected because the ending of the first season concluded that Dracula chooses to die and it was possible only by drinking Dr. Zoe Van Helsing’s cancerous blood. Finally, he became mortal. But there is no announcement about the second season so we cannot tell anything for sure until any updates are provided by the makers.

Stay tuned with us for further official announcements