4 Best Wireless Charger You Could Buy In 2024

wireless charger

There is not a single smartphone user who did not face disappointment in finding the right charging chord for their phone. Therefore, I would recommend you to solve all your chord problems with the wireless chargers. Now wireless chargers are very popular, and almost every modern smartphone supports them. I even read on Gadget Reviews that the new iPhone also supports wireless charging. That is why investing in a wireless charger is the best possible choice you could. In this article, we would discuss some of the best wireless chargers in the market. But before that, let’s talk about what are fast wireless chargers.

Fast Wireless Chargers:

There was a time when wireless charging was slow, and most often, mobile did not support the fast charging feature. But now we see chargers with 7.5W and 10W output, which supports every that device with wireless charging. All the chargers discussed below have a minimum of 7.5W production, and most phones need 5W output for fast charging.

Yootech 10W Wireless Charger:

Yootech is one of the best wireless chargers you could buy in the market right now. The popularity of the charger is mainly due to the affordable price and great features. Moreover, the charger has a very slim and lightweight design. The charger is only 12mm tall, which makes it very easy to carry around. The charger has an anti-slip layer to hold your phone, and it is made from flame-resistant materials. The green LED indicator for charging light turns off after 16 seconds so it won’t disturb at night. You get the variable output settings such as 5W, 7.5W, and 10W to support a long list of devices.

Seneo Wave Stand 014:

Due to less reach of these wireless chargers using mobile while charging becomes very difficult. But this charger allows you to use a smartphone while charging. The upright design of the charger makes it look like a bookstand. Therefore, you could watch movies, make video calls, and even play games while your phone is getting refueled. Other than the unique design, the charger provides 5W and 10W output, which makes it compatible with every phone. Moreover, it has additional features, such as cooling technology, surge protection, and short circuit protection. However, for the charger to function correctly, you have to make sure that your phone case is not thicker than 4mm and doesn’t have any metallic attachments.


This wireless charger is probably the sleekest and slimmest charger available on the market. The body of the charger is made from aviation aluminum with a mirror panel. Do not let the small size of the charger fool you. It can charge some of the latest android and iOS phones. Moreover, the charger has impressive features such as overheating and over current protection. This feature would save your phone from heating up during charging. It comes with an LED indicator to tell you when your phone is fully charged.

XDesign Wireless Charger:

The price tag of $10 makes it the most affordable charger in the market. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets. Therefore, it is the best fit as it is very ecumenically priced and provides top performance. Like every other wireless charger, you would get 5W regular charging output. However, you could also change modes to get 7.5W and 10W output for iPhone and other Android phones. The lower price of the charger does not reduce any of the quality features. The charger is equipped with overheat protection, short circuit protection, foreign object detection, and temperature control features. Moreover, the top of the charger has anti-slip material to prevent your phone from sliding off the charger.