Document Capture Software Market – New Report Launched by TMR; COVID-19 to Affect Future Growth Trajectory

Document Capture Software – Catalyzing ‘Paperless’ Operations

As managing the flow of documents remains an immense, complex, and critical task for many sectors, especially financial services, governments, and long-distance marketing and publishing, a lot of focus has been placed on turning paper into zeros and ones. In an attempt to fuel the concept of digital business, several organizations are moving towards highly collaborative, secure, and integrated cloud-enabled systems. In today’s technology-powered landscape, where industries are in the midst of a major shift from dealing with physical documentation to digital, legacy solutions are at their peril, and advanced document capture software has been garnering increased traction as a viable solution.

In recent years, both, large and small organizations are beginning to rapidly invest in big data analytics, and in the new generation of cloud and hybrid-based platforms, and the result is likely to lead to the increased demand for document capture software. In the latest study, seasoned analysts at Transparency Market Research predict that, the document capture software market will reach a value of ~US$ 5.7 billion in 2019, registering an impressive CAGR of ~ 10% through to 2027.

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Rise of SaaS-based Document Capture Software Solutions – A Key Growth Promoter

With greater availability of cloud-based utilities and ‘Platform as a Service‘ tools to fuel the next wave of innovation in the ‘paperless’ journey, making the pivot has been a relatively easy undertaking for enterprises. Shrinking workforce and a wide range of issues associated with managing paper records have compelled organizations to leverage cloud-based services, thereby potentially raising the demand for Software-as-a-Service-based services that facilitate easy accessibility and pay-per-use. While cloud computing had a profound impact on document capture software solutions, stakeholders are likely to center their focus on ‘mobile-friendly’ developments, as today’s professionals are constantly in motion, and require continuous access to important files and documents.

As global businesses show no signs of returning to time-consuming manual paper processing, market vendors are moving away from ‘one size fits all’ model to offering personalized products and services that are affordable even for small businesses. Although small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) lagged far behind large enterprises in terms of financing and exploiting new technologies, several governments are taking initiatives to upgrade their management skills and the capacity to gather technology, in order to transform the existing scenario. As SMEs account for ~95% of the total enterprises across the globe, market players are focusing on improving their subscription models that allow SMEs to adopt document management solutions without investing in any infrastructure.

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Asia Pacific Promises New Growth Opportunities

Document capture software has been becoming an essential tool across a number of industries to streamline their operations, freeing up resources to focus on their core business initiatives. According to TMR’s analysts, the document capture software markets in North America and Europe will continue to show positive growth, in the view of greater awareness and accessibility of technological developments, along with the growing adoption in healthcare and BFSI sectors to meet routine document imaging needs.

High growth opportunities are expected in developing countries in Asia Pacific, on account of a notable spike in the number of SMEs in the region, which gives a boost to subscription-based models of document capture software.

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