Meal Plan Wellness Expert, Allegra Paris, is Helping Parents Manage COVID-19 Weight Gain

COVID-19 has forced Americans to completely restructure their work, family, and fitness schedules across the country as we do our best to adhere to social distancing mandates. That means that heading to the gym, participating in group fitness classes, and playing in sporting events is no longer a safe option. With reduced access to fitness activities, fewer and fewer Americans are engaging in a healthy amount of exercise.

In fact, one survey put out by found that 65% of Americans are “taking time off from their fitness routine” during the pandemic, while more than half of Americans are eating more carbs. Burning fewer calories working out while consuming more-than-normal carbs is a recipe for weight gain that so many people are battling. Especially for the parents of the world who are trying to maintain a job, raise a family, and entertain their kids, making time for fitness and healthy eating just isn’t happening.

The average American parent can only handle so much, which is why meal plan wellness expert, Allegra Paris, is stepping in to ensure they are supported. Famous for her high-ticket, customized wellness plans that are personalized per individual, Allegra Paris has figured out how she can assist parents as they battle weight gain during COVID-19.

“For parents, it’s not about the desire to eat well or workout – it’s about the time and frustration,” said Allegra Paris. “They don’t have the time to meal plan, go to the store, prepare the food, workout, and do all of it while balancing their schedules. That’s why I want to be that shoulder they can lean on, by customizing plans that include both fitness and nutrition. Now they don’t have to think twice about it – I’ll make sure they are all set and ready for the week ahead.”

Parents are being tested to the extreme right now while some permit their children to return to public schools; others are opting for virtual schooling at home if they don’t want to expose sickly family members to coronavirus. This means that parents have to ensure their kids are being safely watched while they are expected to do all of their same work for their job. As the Washington Post aptly stated: parents are being tested to the max.

Due to the COVID-19 concerns, parents may not be comfortable bringing a nanny into their home. With no time for themselves, they are snacking on more carb-based, processed foods they can grab at the store. Any meal preparation that takes more than an hour simply isn’t going to fit in the schedule.

Work-From-Home Health Solutions

The Allegra Paris health plans are designed for the new work-from-home lifestyle. All of the exercise can be done without the equipment, right in a home setting. This also saves parents money on gym memberships.

Allegra Paris’ diet plan is developed in detail to help each parent meet their calorie goal for the week. It also considers personal macronutrients, preferences, and lifestyles so weight loss goals are met with every client.

“My transformation program is designed to transform lives without clients having to stress, worry, or spend more money,” said Allegra Paris. “Made specifically for parents during a pandemic, this is a proven method for losing weight and keeping it off, regardless of the new work-from-home mandates. Parent’s must consider their health – if they let their health slip, they may be unable to take care of their children.”

Digital Transformation

Allegra Paris’ Transformation Program comes with an AP FIT app that is available for both iOS and Android. Members can track diet plans, workout plans, progress updates, and messaging, all in one place. The one-on-one coaching program is already transforming lives across the country. It’s time to invest in your health again.

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