Discussing offshore accidents and their causes

An offshore oil rig can sink or capsize for a number of reasons. It has happened too often, and it usually results in serious injury or even death to workers on the platform. Most of the time, it is a consequence of negligence, carelessness, or simple greed. In the drive to maximize production and profits, too many oil rig and oil rig operators push boundaries and take unacceptable risks. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured, or even killed, when an oil rig sank or capsized, our offshore accident lawyer at Zehl & Associates can help protect your rights.

Causes of oil rig accidents in Texas

Understanding why Accidents can help prevent future disasters. What’s more, understanding why a particular accident occurred is critical to determining who might be at fault for the accident.

Explosions and fires.

Explosions are a common occurrence on oil rigs where workers are required to work with heavy machines and highly combustible substances in adverse and unpredictable weather conditions. Although the specific hazards that lead to an explosion or fire are endless, some common examples of potential hazards include:

Improperly grounded electrical equipment or wiring

Faulty batteries

Faulty ventilation systems (causing a build-up of dangerous fumes)

Improperly stored fuel or other combustible substances

Poorly maintained hoses, lines, or pipes that leak or spray fuel

Corrosion of electrical equipment.

Failure to follow proper procedures to maintain or clean equipment

Human error

What makes oil rig explosions and fires even scarier is that local fire departments often don’t know how to deal with such fires.

Texas Offshore Oil Rig Injury Lawyers

We take all types of injury claims related to sunken or overturned equipment, including situations where:

  • A rig owner or operator failed to take adequate steps to secure a rig in an area known for hurricanes or inclement weather
  • There was negligence in the design or construction of a platform, causing it to sink or overturn
  • Human error led an oil or gas platform to sink or capsize

We handle claims involving all types of injuries sustained when a platform sinks or collapses, including any traumatic injury caused by falling objects or debris, falls from heights, or collisions with walkways, ladders, or any part of the platform structure. We will also help you seek compensation for damage if you were forced into ocean waters and suffered exposure or similar types of injuries.

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At Zehl & Associates, we offer extensive experience to individuals throughout Texas and the Gulf Coast who have been injured in an offshore oil or gas rig accident, including workers injured when a rig sank or capsized. We take an aggressive approach, thoroughly investigating the facts and circumstances of the accident. If necessary, we will travel to the scene of your accident, so that we have a full understanding of what happened. Because we recognize the complexity of oil and gas industry accidents, we work closely with a variety of experts, including engineers, geologists, medical professionals, and financial planners, to put together the best argument for your full financial recovery.