Best Laptops for Adobe Illustrator; All you Need to Pick One

laptops for adobe illustrator

If you are someone who is already good at graphic designing or wants to become one, it is important that you have the right laptop because not all laptops are powerful enough to smoothly run graphic designing tools such as Adobe Illustrator. You need a laptop that is equipped with the latest and greatest hardware so that everything runs smoothly and nothing causes hindrance in your work. There are many laptops for adobe illustrator in the market for you to choose from, but here you will find the ones that are considered the best of them.


Lenovo ThinkPad P1

The first laptop that we have on this list is the Lenovo ThinkPad P1. It is a great laptop from a great company that is equipped with an Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM, and a 256 GB SSD. The battery life that this laptop provides is great, to say the least. It comes with a touch screen which might prove to be quite useful when you are a graphic designer.


Microsoft Surface Book 2

Next on the list, we have the Microsoft Surface Book 2 which is easily one of the best laptops that you can buy right now. This laptop has it all from 16 GB RAM to a 265 SSD and an Intel Core i7 processor. With that kind of specs, you can expect to run Adobe Illustrator without any problems. If that wasn’t enough this device also comes with a touch pen that will give you some added precision. One of the main areas where this device really shines is battery life because you can keep on using this device for hours without feeling the need to charge it.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is very similar to the MacBook especially when you consider is size and portability. This laptop comes with a touch screen and it is also accompanied by a Surface Pen which will prove to be quite useful when you are using Adobe Illustrator. It is equipped with a PixelSense display that looks stunning from all angles; however, you need to know that the display does not support HDR.


Asus 15

Asus is one of the best laptop for artists in the world right now, and they are known for producing some of the most powerful and aesthetically sound laptops. This laptop has some great features such as an ErgoLift hinge that provides with better keyboard angles. It also has some great ventilation and as far as performance is concerned, there is nothing to worry about. This laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen and an Intel i5 processor. With 8GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD, this machine is an absolute beast.



These were some of the best laptops that you need to know about if you are looking for a machine that can handle Adobe Illustrator. All of these laptops are extremely powerful and you can’t go wrong with any of them, so all you need to do is pick one.