Like many other products, weed can now be accessed online via the numerous online weed shops you will find today. By choosing the right website to shop from, you can improve your chances of getting quality weed and weed supplies. Before everything went digital, most people were relying on local weed shops to buy the various weed strains they wanted. Despite things having changed there are some numerous benefits to traditional purchase of weed. Here are a few demerits that you are likely to face when you buy bulk Weed Canada today.

Zero chance of inspection until after purchase

The only way you can find out whether you bought quality weed supplies online is after your shipment has arrived. This is a risky way of operating considering the chances of being conned by fraud artists online. Shopping at brick and mortar stores gives you the best chance of buying quality products you are sure of. You can check the weed, the buds, scents and even coloring before choosing to pay for them. Getting conned with traditional shopping was surprisingly hard compared to the rate at which people get conned nowadays shipping online.


Return policies could be time consuming

When you buy merchandise online, the only way to be sure of what you ordered is after it has arrived at the pick-up destination. The shipping charges already make the venture costly, having to pay again for the merchandise to be shipped back only to get more complications can make you wish you used your local weed seller to buy weed. With your receipts and merchandise, you can easily return your purchases and be refunded by your seller if you bought your weed at local stores.

Shipping charges make it costly

There are a lot of extra costs that are incurred to your invoice when you shop online. The scariest extra expense that could stretch your budget is the shipping costs which vary depending on the location of the business you are shopping from. You need to avoid any extra expenses like that when shopping on a shoestring budget. At land based shops, you can shop as freely as you want and only pay for the merchandise you pick and nothing extra. This saves you all the extra money you would have used to cater for shipping expenses.

Reduced human interaction

The only time you talk to a person when shopping online is talking to the customer care that are often too busy to respond to you immediately. At times all you need to do is make inquiries before you can decide on the supplies to buy for your marijuana prescription. Buying weed online can limit your consultation chances and that can easily end up in you making the wrong decisions. At the local store, your weed dealer will always be ready to assist you and give you advice where necessary. That can save you from wasting your money on supplies you will not use and instead making good use of your money when shopping.