Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Followers

While there are so many benefits associated with purchase of Instagram followers, there are a few disadvantages too.  I believe you have come across some businesses who have had their profiles scrapped and other accounts shut down after buying followers.

You opting to buy followers on Instagram at the expense of building a profile is a risk. Here is why:

Risk of losing your account

Instagram is now aware that people have the option to buy followers and are working towards eliminating it. It has happened before where people woke up to losing hundreds and thousands of followers. You may not be sure when this will happen again, hence the need to avoid buying them accounts.


Risk of losing your money

With so many fake companies are appearing to be real in the market, you may find it difficult to tell a part the real ones. Cases have been reported of people getting scammed and losing thousands of dollars in the process of buying followers.

There are various factors you could consider; however, they do not guarantee you genuine results. Opting to buy followers on Instagram is therefore a risk of losing your money.

Risk of ruining your reputation

With so many people having had tried to buy followers at one point, they can easily tell when your account has real followers and when they are fake. This can be the case where you have ten thousand followers but only a thousand or two are engaging.

Once people learn that you have purchased followers, your reputation gets damaged and brand name taken as fake and not genuine. In the process, you happen to lose your genuine followers and your place in the market. Getting up to your feet takes time and this would result into loses.

It is waste of money

In most cases, Instagram followers sold are not real. Companies use ‘bots’ while others create fake accounts and sell them. By this, you happen to spend so much money to buy followers who do not profit your business in any way.

Purchase of Inactive accounts

It would be a waste of resources to buy followers who cannot engage in your profile, neither can they purchase your products. Most companies buy old inactive accounts as well as create them then sell to you.

In this case, you find that there are a hundred followers on your account but only half of them are active. This way, it will be hard to make sales as these fake followers cannot like your posts, comment or even purchase the products.

What then do you do?

Getting real followers is easy:

  • Create an account and link it to your other social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others.
  • Invite friends, family, acquaintances and your former clients to follow the page
  • Keep the page up to date and maintain flawless communication with your clients.
  • Partner with large businesses and other brands with large traffic on Instagram
  • Be consistent in your service provision and have a customer support team
  • Pay for advertisements and other publicity options

Final Remarks

By following the given steps, you will be in a position to avoid facing the above mentioned disadvantages.