Things You Need to Know When Dealing with Law Enforcers enforcement

At one point or another, one is likely to have an encounter with law enforcement officers. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to respond or relate to them. There are many instances where some people have acted on the wrong side with law enforcement agencies even when they have little crime record and end up in their custody.

To ensure you do not fall into the same mistake, here are some of the things you need to know when dealing with law enforcers.

What to do if law enforcement officer on the street stops you

If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a criminal or that they suspect you have committed any crime. They have every reason to stop you and ask questions. You can simply do yourself right by answering questions related to your name and show some ID if you have any with you.

You should never appear shivering or panicking as that might either e termed as anything. So, you are advised to stay calm and talk to the officer answering all you are asked. If it is becoming more personal, you can choose to remain silent and don’t speak.

No law enforcement officer will sue you for not talking, and you can save yourself from the mess by requesting to speak with your lawyer before you answering any further question.

What to do if you are told to leave a crime scene

Whenever you find yourself in any crime scene, make sure you adhere to whatever you are advised to do. If you find yourself in a crime scene, you should never try to lay your hand on anything. Try all you can to keep calm and remain wherever you are instructed to stay.

There are several instances of the crime scene, and one is a riot or during the protest. If you are told to retreat and back down by the law enforcement officers, you should do so. That reminds me of when I was in university, and we had to protest for a specific reason.

Law enforcement officers were called, and they came in full force. The protest was a peaceful one as we decide not to damage anything but stop the transport system from working on our route. The law enforcement officer arrived and had to fire a rubber bullet, and we had to flee. Some got injured, but I managed to escape.

What to do if your car is stopped

If a law enforcement officer stops your vehicle, you have every right to pull over and stop. Failure to stop will raise their curiosity and make them see you as someone harmful or a criminal. Once you have finished your car, you have every right to remain in your vehicle and allow them to come and meet you.

Once you stopped your car, you should remain in your vehicle. Stay calm and relaxed while you have your hand on the wheel so the police can see them. Do not open your window, and if you have to do that, make sure you don’t fully open the window.

Communicate politely with the officer and hand over all necessary documents on request such as driver’s license, registration, car insurance, and all. You are only allowed to step out of your car once the police offer requested for that.

What to do if a law enforcement officer mistreats you

If law enforcement officers are abusing you, you should try all in your capacity to stay calm and never lay your hand on a law enforcement officer. You might end up losing all if you ever decide to defend yourself by touching the officer.

All you should do is to ensure you look around for a witness, get the name and tag on the badge of the officer, and have it documented. You can, therefore, go ahead to the enforcement office and lodge you complain about the particular officer. You will be asked for proof, and you must have all to convince them the officer has molested you, and you want justice.

What to do if you are asked for a bribe

This is quite common among some law enforcement officers. Some are not disciplined and can go to the length to ask you for a bribe. You should not consent to their request. You should try all in your capacity to stay calm and polite.

If you are threatened, you should not fret, and never should you be compelled to pay any money. If you have been charged for whatever reason, you should take the step to talk to your lawyer and remain silent until your lawyer arrives. You can’t be charged for not saying anything.

Should you offer a gift to offers

There are different means of appreciation, and one is by giving a gift to people. There is nothing bad or wrong with giving officers a gift but should never be done with the motive of bribing them. You can get them a different gift like the best watch for law enforcement, Shoes, hand gloves, and many more that you think will be appreciated.

What you should do if law enforcement officer comes to your door

If you ever hear the knowledge of law enforcement officers at your door, you should never rush to open the door. Do not sound fearful. Approach the door and ask them why they have come to your house. If they ask you to open the door, do not until you are sure they have the warrant to visit you.

If they show you the warrant, you should tell them to pass it through the front door. If that is not possible, you can walk outside and close your door behind you while you read the warrant. If the permit doesn’t bear your name and address, you should never honor it and call your lawyer.


There are many ways you can quickly deal with law enforcement officers, and we have made a list for you above to help you make the right choice and decision and never end up on the wrong or bad side of any officer.