Jersey A2 Milk Market is projected to grow at a 10.2% CAGR over 2018-2028

A2 Milk Market: Introduction

There are two variants of beta-casein protein in cow milk – a1 and a2. Milk that contains only a2 beta-casein protein is known as a2 milk. A2 milk is obtained from specific breeds of cows that produce the beta-casein protein in their milk with a proline at number 67. These cows are older breeds and are found mostly in India. Some breeds that produce a2 milk include Guernsey, Shahiwal, Gir, and Red Sindhi. A2 milk has more nutritional value than regular milk, since it contains nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and protein. Milk that is free from a1 beta-casein and rich in a2 beta-casein has been found by many people to be easier as far as digestion is concerned. A2 milk reduces heart disease risk and dairy-related inflammation. The production of a2 milk is more in the Asia Pacific region. Due to augmenting applications and rising demand, the a2 milk market is anticipated to proliferate in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.

A2 Milk: Market Outlook

In a2 milk, the bioactive peptide beta-casomorphin-7 or BCM-7 is almost four times less as compared to a1 and regular milk. BCM-7 creates discomfort during digestion. Due to the lack of BCM-7, the demand for a2 milk has increased among consumers. A2 milk is widely consumed in its natural or liquid form.

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Also, many manufacturers are providing a2 milk in the powdered form, and it is widely used in the production of infant formula. The growing number of dairy products and increasing dairy industries are also boosting the demand for a2 milk, since it is also used in manufacturing ghee, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, milk powder, and many other products. A2 milk is used in bakeries and confectioneries, and it is also used for manufacturing milk-based beverages.


Due to this, it is expected that there will be further launches of new dairy-based products with natural ingredients, such as a2 milk, which is anticipated to drive the growth of the global A2 milk market during the forecast period. A2 milk is produced mostly in the Asia Pacific region due to the presence of the a2 breed cows, and also due to the rising demand for dairy products in this region.

a2 milk market

A2 Milk: Market Drivers

Growing Number of People Experiencing Problems with Regular Milk Consumption

Problems related to milk digestion are increasing, globally, among consumers. Many people are afraid to consume milk as they experience gas and bloating after consuming regular milk or milk that contains a1 beta-casein protein. A2 milk is found to be easier as far as digestion is concerned, since it contains only a2-beta-casein protein.

Increasing Application of A2 Milk in Infant Formulae Surging the Market

A2 milk can be used as alternative milk for infants. As we all know, mother’s milk is very important for infants to ensure good health and growth. But there are many cases where mothers are unable to feed a sufficient amount of milk to their children. In such cases, a2 milk is a great alternative, as it is quite comparable to goat’s and mother’s milk. Also, many manufacturers are using a2 milk for the manufacturing of infant food. Many new infant food products are being launched every year by various manufacturers, which is boosting the share of a2 milk in the market.

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A2 Milk Reduces Dairy -related Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk

An increasing number of people across the globe are suffering from heart diseases. Also, a large number of people are suffering from dairy-related inflammation by consuming regular milk. A2 milk reduces the risk of dairy-related inflammation and heart disease among consumers.

More Nutritional Value than Regular Milk (Milk Fat Content is Higher in A2 Milk)

Milk is a daily food ingredient that is used in various dairy products. Milk is consumed globally as a healthy food, since it contains various nutrients that are necessary for human as well as animal health. One of the major nutrients in milk is fat, which is considered to be good fat. The fat content in a2 milk is higher as compared to regular milk. In regular milk, the fat content is around 3.6%, whereas, in a2 milk, it is around 4.8% fat.

Growing Consumer Health Awareness Leading to Increased Consumption of A2 Milk

The trend of eating healthy food is increasing among consumers, globally. Milk is considered to be one of the most consumed food, globally. Milk is consumed on a large extent, as it is considered as a healthy product. But there is an increasing number of people who are not able to consume milk and milk products due to indigestion problems. A2 milk is easier to digest, and that’s why it has great demand among consumers as a healthy food that can be digested easily.

Bound to all the above driving factors, it is anticipated that, the global A2 milk market would proliferate in terms of volume and value during the forecast period.