Cyber boy Getting Stronger

Who is Roy Andrade?

Roy Andrade is the founder and CEO of Cyber Boy Corp. Based in Beverly Hills, California. Cyber Boy Corp. He lost just under $1 million in his investments in JCPenny and Frontier Communications when they filed for bankruptcy due to the pandemic. He launched Cyber Boy Corp. and enrolled in the University of Phoenix where he is earning his bachelor’s degree in cyber security. On October 23, 2023.Dr. Rich Schultz, of the University of Phoenix, announced the nomination of Roy Andrade to THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS. He has garnered a lot of attention in the recent past from industry experts in the field of cyber security.


According to Roy Andrade the problem of cyber crimes

Over the past few years, cyber security has evolved tremendously. But so have cyber criminals. Hacking and Phishing, though still a major problem in the realm of cyber security, are somewhat things of the past. With the exponential surge in the flow of data as more and more tech companies are coming into existence, the problem of safeguarding user data has become paramount for companies of all sizes.

According to Roy Andrade, Cyber criminals have evolved tremendously in the recent past. A company which might have spent years building a product can lose it to a cyber-criminal sitting in his room in a different continent in a matter of hours and that’s the power with which modern day cyber criminals are armed. As per latest data, a data breach costs a company on average $8.19 Million in the US. And it goes without saying that the United States is the most targeted country when it comes to cyber-attacks.

Cyber Boy Corp:The firm of Roy Andrade

Armed with his mission of safeguarding American companies from cyber criminals, Roy Andrade founded Cyber Boy Corp. In order to finance his broader vision he is also providing executive protection and private security services in Beverly Hills. California.

The ongoing pandemic has been challenging times for many. But his optimism and mission for strengthening the cyber security infrastructure can be gauged from the fact that even after losing over $750,000 in stock market, he is all pumped up for his company’s expansion. His loses in this pandemic were mainly due to JCPenny and Frontier Communications filing for bankruptcy. Though he also has investments in Wells Fargo and Macerich and is quite optimistic that he will rebound from his losses in the coming years through his investments in Macerich and Frontier Communications.

He is also using the income earned from cyber boy find future technological projects in the coming years.As a futuristic and an optimistic entrepreneur, he is bullish about publicly traded companies and the overall start-up ecosystem. As Roy says – “There is no reason to be pessimistic. Post pandemic times are going to throw opportunities like never before.”

 Conclusion of Roy Andrade

Roy Andrade is working endlessly to raise funds through Cyber Boy Corp. to finance technology projects he plans to unviel in 2025. His company is providing executive protection and private security in Southern California. Roy Andrade planted an undisclosed amount of money into Macerich and Wells Fargo hoping to rebound from his losses earlier this year.