8 Reasons for Gift Boxes that Takes Your Time Waste

Gift Boxes

You may sell exclusive gift products that have superior quality than that of your competitors. But, if you are not taking care of the gift boxes, your sales are likely to go nowhere. It takes a lot more to create successful packaging designs that produce high-quality products.

There is no point in sticking to the box designs that offer no value in return. It would help if you thought of a broader picture in which your packages make the products stand out. Take a look at your current packaging and see if you are making efforts in the wrong direction.

Too generic design:

One of the fundamental mistakes in designing a custom gift box that wastes your time is keeping the design generic. Such a design appears unattractive to the customers, due to which, likely, your brand would not be able to create its differentiation. A box’s primary purpose is to pave your brand’s way towards creating a solid first impression. So, never commit such a mistake and create a box design that aligns with your products’ exquisiteness.

Typo errors in printing:

Typo errors are becoming a norm in the packaging world. They damage your company’s hard-earned reputation in the market and send a message that you are too careless. Such a mistake may also develop a customer mindset that the presents you are selling are faulty too.

It might lead you to lose your loyal customer base as it is often perceived as an act of betrayal in the consumer market. Keeping this in mind, double-check the text printed on a Kraft gift box to avoid facing a backlash from potential clients.

Excess packaging:

Excessive and wasteful gift box packaging is not appreciated in the buyers’ circle. With the popularity of eco-conscious shopping concepts, you will likely face a significant setback with such packaging. Not just that, the excessive packaging also ends up being more costly to your retail business anyway.

Remove all the unnecessary materials from your packaging that render it non-functional. Minimize the dimensions of extra large gift boxes as much as possible by keeping in view the protection needs of packaged gifts. It is the best way to reinforce the value of your gift items and get appreciation in the consumer market.

Window at the backside:

Uniqueness in a Kraft gift box is essential to ramp up the sales of your gift items. For this reason, you see various brands going for a die-cut window design in their packaging. Many of them make a significant blunder in the addition of window cut design at the rear side of packages.

The primary function of the see-through window is to let the target audience have a glimpse of the inside items. If you keep this window at the backside, no one will view the packaged items. So, make a wise decision and incorporate the windowpanes at the front-facing side of the boxes.

Complicated design:

Cluttering the design of customized gift boxes is another fault that wastes your time and energy. Such boxes lack overall focus, and you run the risk of losing the undivided attention of potential clients. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to customizing the packages. Opt for more precise, straightforward, and clean designs that enable the target audience to focus on what matters the most.

Hard to open:

The power required to separate the lid and bottom of gift box packaging often exceeds the hand strength of customers. Again, this design is an effort in the wrong direction. Make it as user-friendly as you can to incentivize the customers not to stop purchasing your gift items. Attach a magnetic closure system to smooth the process of opening without any hassle. It would make your products less likely to cause “wrap rage,” as well as extremely popular across the audience of a targeted niche.

Wrong themes:

The gift items are chosen by the customers only if they complement the themes of a specific occasion. If you are inserting them in a brown cardboard box with no printing or embellishments, you cannot make a sale. The best possible approach here is to make your box speak the language of a specific event. Adding some green and white color schemes in the design while changing the box shape to look like a tree makes it complement Christmas. Just like that, make it look in line with different occasions to boost the popularity of your presents.


Sometimes, the products are not like the way they are displayed on the custom printed gift boxes. Whether you do it deliberately or unknowingly, it can have devastating impacts on the sales of your products. Do not over-promise anything and keep the information to the point and accurate. This way, customers start to read the latest articles that bring you a lot of potential revenue.

In this age of over-saturation of brands, you cannot afford to go afoot wrong with your packaging design. Generic, clutter, over-promising, and non-functional designs make your gift boxes appear unattractive and unprofessional. Get these things right, and you are guaranteed to get a more significant share in the competitive market.