Covid-19 Outbreak: Women Intimate Care Market 2023 – Company Business Overview, Sales, Revenue And Gross Margin, Recent Development 2027

Women Intimate Care Market – Snapshot

Women intimate care products are usually referred to as the personal care products utilized by women on a regular basis. These products include intimate washes, oils, liners, masks, hair removal products, wipes, gels, powder, foams, mists, mousse, sprays etc. Increasing population of working women in various countries is expected to drive the women intimate care market over the forecast period. Furthermore, rising awareness about hygiene among women is expected to influence the market growth over the forecast period. Female hygiene is considered a sensitive topic globally. While women and girls in developed countries have adequate education and resources that enables them to be more inclined towards these products; whereas in developing countries, lack of proper education and awareness about these types of products at home and in schools and the inaccessibility of these products causes lasting impact on intimate care among women and girls.

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intimate care market

Furthermore, increasing awareness and growing accessibility to various feminine women intimate care products has enhanced the growth of the market. The growing presence of specialty store for these products globally, has enabled easy availability of women intimate care products that has also influenced the augmented usage of these products. Additionally, improved economic growth has led to higher purchasing power and disposable income which has further led to the increased demand for higher quality products among users.

The market for women intimate care products is highly fragmented in nature which leads to intense competition among manufacturers of such products. Furthermore, easy availability of product substitutes for products such as wipes, creams, foams etc. in the market also hampers the profitability of manufacturers. The inability of several women to afford the various women intimate care products due to their high cost may also hamper the market growth over the forecast period.

The women intimate care market is categorized based on product, age group, user type, and distribution channel. The product segment is classified into intimate wash, liners, oils, masks, moisturizers & creams, hair removal (razors, wax, and depilatories), powder, wipes, gels, foams, exfoliants, mousse, mists, sprays, and e-products. Intimate wash product segment is expected to witness tremendous growth over the forecast period. Increasing awareness among women has led to growing adoption of most intimate care products, leading to the market growth.

Grooming product consumption is expected to increase as women are ready to spend more on personal care products such as panty liners, moisturizers and creams, intimate wash, skin whitening creams, and others. Additionally, brand visibility and increasing number of campaigns on social media such as Facebook, YouTube and others has increased the awareness and changing perception regarding women’s hygiene and health benefits. This in turn is expected to enhance the growth of the women intimate care products market over the forecast period.

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The 26-40 years age group segment is expected to contribute majorly to market growth in terms of revenue over the forecast period. Women with child user type segment is anticipated to hold major share in the market over the forecast period. Increasing preference of utilizing more sophisticated products with growing purchasing power and rising consciousness of women about purchase of premium products is further projected to contribute to market growth in the coming years. Furthermore, offline distribution channel segment is expected to contribute majorly to the market due to convenience offered. The availability of various discounts and offers to influence and attract customers and to increase sales are the major reasons for the growth of the segment.