Corona Virus Fears Get Oktoberfest 2023 Cancelled

Oktoberfest 2023 cancelled

Corona Virus Fears Get Oktoberfest 2023 Cancelled The COVID-19 pandemic that had engulfed the world to affect people with a respiratory infection has now established itself as a disease that would stay for a while unless a vaccine introduced for prevention. That being in process, the concerned authorities around the world have released an order to cancel some of the major events that were otherwise a tourist attraction and mass level entertainment.

To the list, the most recent addition has been Germany’s Oktoberfest. The hard decision was taken in the light of the increasing threat of community transmission of this viral infection. While the cultural impact may be limited, the economic blow from the otherwise expected tourism would be signed this fall.

The Minister-President Soder remarked on the uneventful occasion, “It hurts. It such a pity, however, we have agreed that the risk is simply too high.”

The Oktoberfest 2023 cancelled is not so much an unusual event considering the occasional annulment in the past due to war or similar epidemics.  This one, however, shall be unique as this is the first after World War II and shall be a disappointment to over six million visitors who made their way to this German extravaganza every year.

In addition to the many food, beer and entertainment vendors that set up their stalls to brighten up the Weisn tents, the largest affected businesses would be the ones selling traditional Lederhosen to the visitors. The Lederhosen and Drindl dresses were perhaps one of the key purchases for the visitors to enjoy the mightiest German folk festival. Although the Trachten is dressing for several other occasions and can also be worn over a home-based celebration, the likely dip in demand is expected to put pressure on the sellers to offer the Lederhosen for sale on a discounted price. The impact overall would remain to be seen.

For the entire of Germany, the Reiter Dieter emotionally expressed his views, terming the decision day to be ‘a quiet sad day’.

“Not to let it happen is a bitter pill to swallow. This will disappoint a lot of people. We have about two million foreign visitors, we have a beer festival where people sit close together”, he added. “I am a big Wiesn fan, not only because of my task of tapping, but I am at the Theresienwiese almost every day. That’s one of the hardest decisions you can make. But the health of the people is the highest priority”, continued Lord Mayor.

Following the official announcement by the World Health Organization of the virus as a pandemic did not only strike concern among the organizers or music, sporting, and cultural events but also spoke of the risk the infection poses to peoples’ health and lives.

Sadly but rightly so, the fear of spread of the novel Corona Virus has led to several other key events around the globe to be cancelled. For the sports category alone major events like the Anniversary games in London as well as the Wimbledon championships have been cancelled. The efforts as well as the expenditure is not being redirected to COVID-19 relief efforts through charities or launch of separate relief programs.

Some of the other events in sports as well as other categories that have either been cancelled or postponed also include

  • The Olympic Games, scheduled to be held in Japan in July 2023, now postponed till summer 2023
  • The NBA season , as soon as one of the players tested positive for the virus
  • NASCAR rally, suspended the races
  • Formula One’s Grand Prix Bahrain and China, postponed
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Edinburg International Festival
  • Ireland’s Saint Patrick’s Day parades
  • Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

The aforementioned list is inclusive of a few of the events that have been officially announced either postponed or cancelled. The schools are still faced with early term closure even with the lockdown situation for marketplaces and offices easing a bit. The real state of community transmission and hence the incidence of death following the decision to ease lock down in several countries would only reveal as more people set foot out in public spaces.

The decision by governments in all countries allowing for free movement, however, is an indication of the acceptance that the life would still have to go on as usual despite the spread of the pandemic unless the situation begins to become worse beyond control. Yet, a precautionary limited movement by the common folk could possibly help the government and the public health workers manage the spread and its cure slightly better even with the routine allowed to continue.

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