The development of ENGELSINN-2


ENGELSINN: E-commerce brand

The workflow of ENGELSINN

“We make pretty things for pretty angels”, such a description of the brand shows what their products are and what are they offering to their customers. ENGELSINN is an e-commerce brand that sells jewelry for women and armbands for men.

They are based in Germany but provide delivery to customers across the globe and more specifically to European countries. The products that they offer for women include Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces. Their products are very high quality and give maximum satisfaction to customers.

ENGELSINN on social Media

Their main engagement with customers is through their social media account on Instagram. The products available in the store are displayed with professional photography on their Instagram account from where people place an order if they want. If some want to get their hands on the exact thing which they are seeing on the internet, ENGELSINN is the brand they should be looking for.

They are the best in business because they provide what they show. It is not like the product shown to customers is different from the one that reaches them in terms of quality. The brand makes sure that they deliver what they show which makes them so good in business.


The development of ENGELSINN

The products are very clearly described on social media accounts for customers to know what they are buying. Pearls, stainless steel of high quality are among the top sellers in their products. If you want to buy a gift for your girlfriend, sister, mother, or friend, ENGELSINN is the best online brand that will ease the burden of choosing the gift for you.

The brand offers a wide variety of accessories for females and a few more males as well. The products are very innovatively made considering the demand for creativity in the market. Pearls and shells are used in necklaces and bracelets which make them very appealing for women. The products are simple yet exquisite to wear.

The rings and necklaces from ENGELSINN will make you stand out in a group of people. Their products will make the owner outshine others with simple and minimalistic jewelry accessories.  ENGELSINN offers specially engraved bracelets to give to your loved ones. The gift from ENGELSINN is all you need to convey your message to your loved one. The most popular product of the brand is charm bracelet which is available in different combinations of styles and colors.


The community of ENGELSINN

ENGELSINN makes sure that the product reaches its customer on time and with extreme care. Even during the current global pandemic situation, the brand makes sure that the product reaches its customer on time and without being damaged. It is a difficult situation but the efforts of our team have been fruitful in such hard times.

ENGELSINN provides delivery through world-renowned DHL courier service which ensures on-time delivery of the product. If someone remembers to buy the products of ENGELSINN as a gift at the very last moment, extra fast delivery is available for local shipment of products and customers based in Austria and Swiss. The products are carefully packed to avoid any damage to them during the delivery.

The product is as important as is its delivery. It is very hard to earn the trust of customers in e-commerce business but a happy and satisfied customer is the main aim of the ENGELSINN brand. ENGELSINN has been able to retain most of its customers for a long period of time because of the quality of the product they offer to their customers. They have been successful in establishing the right amount of trust relationship with their customers which has been the sole retention factor for many of their customers.