Corona $10K Cash & iPhone Instagram Giveaway by George Michael Farha

    #t0p30 Instagram has launched an exciting giveaway campaign at a time when the world is experiencing great distress due to the pandemic effect of the coronavirus. This comes as a golden relief because a large number of people are temporarily out of jobs and without the usual income due to the global lockdown. This campaign is geared towards alleviating the financial burden placed on people due to this global crisis.


    Amazing Prices to be Won for the Bold and the Daring

    The prizes to be won include a $10.000 in cash transferred with PayPal, five iPhone 11s and five Airpod devices. A grand prize of $5K for the first winner and a $1K each for five other winners is also among the giveaways of this campaign. 10 lucky winners chosen at random will walk away with Five iPhone 11s and five Airpods.

    The campaign which started on the 30th of March will be open till the 15th of April. Winners will be announced soon after the completion of the campaign.

    Every day at 11 pm UAE Time (GMT+4) the giveaway is happening live on the @t0p30 Instagram page.

    The main sponsor of this Giveaway is King Rolodex and it is hosted by George Michael who is popularly known as Wolf. George Michael Farha is a famous businessman and serial entrepreneur who has founded various businesses on the strength of marketing and advertisement.

    Wolf is currently the founder of iDigital, a media company that has been instrumental in giving brand recognition to various businesses. Award-winning innovator and founder of multiple startups like Digital Wallet Recovery, Matthias Mende is also among the sponsors of this campaign as well as Harry Sellwood and few others.


    How To participate In The Giveaway

    The @t0p30 giveaway assigns an equal probability of winning to everyone who joins the campaign. Please follow the steps below to join:

    1. Kindly go to  @t0p30 and follow the giveaway Instagram handle
    2. Proceed to follow all 56 influencers that  @t0p30 is currently following (this should take approximately 30 seconds to complete)
    3. After completing the above task, please proceed to comment “DONE #Top30” on the latest uploaded picture of the @t0p30 handle.
    4. Please kindly ensure that your profile is kept public to enable us to verify that you have completed the above task and also followed our sponsors.

    Don’t forget to share with friends and family to give them the chance of winning. With just a few days into the campaign, the giveaway has gained huge popularity. A lot of verified Instagram profiles and influencers have already joined the campaign. Names as Karl Wolf, Evan Luthra, Marco Ferri, Myriam Klink, Dr.Brian “Bardia” Etemad, Daniela Fainus, Mike Chabot, Josefine Forsberg, Sasha Ray, Hana Hadžiavdagić Tabaković, Hind Annelia, Armand Peri, Luz Elena Echeverria Molina, Chloe Othen, Ania Gadea, Liz Alexa, Rudy Bundini, Andrew Henderson, Gilbert Sosa, Marianne Argy, Charlie Riina, Tania Gattas, Makeupbyfifo Fifo, Nicole Amato, Hodamozafari, Dominguero, Mohamed Mekawy, Edoardo Santonocito, Lama AlRahwanji, Lygia Fazio, Diana Moric, Irina Garasymiv, Coco Mek, Wissam Hanna, faydee, Sitora Israilovam, yahea_xx, 9MM, Mohamed Ezzat, Marwan Galadari, Keyy Caputo, Orkan Doganci, Lexy Stevens, Otilia Official, Souna Ghassan, Venessa Nieto, Deyana Zivkovic, Loredana Chivu, Jamie Villamor, Mohammed Majed, Alessandra Jane, Helly Luv, Aschraf Mahmud, Tracy Saenz, Divina Casas and few missing ones.

    In the 2 pics below Wolf is giving 1000$ to a Nigerian Student Mohamed Sani who won live on Instagram:

    We look forward to the lucky draw which will be broadcasted live via the official Top30 Instagram page. Good luck!