Social media started in 1997 with Six Degrees as the first site. Come early 2000s, famous sites such as MySpace, Flickr,  and the YouTube came into being in 2005 with Twitter and Facebook following a year later. There are currently millions of users on social media sites which has triggered the SNS Marketing  (SNS 마케팅).

Businesses are embracing social media marketing. With the use of the platforms just like the way the ordinary users were using them, the companies started to use them to advertise their services and goods.

Nowadays, there are various social networking platforms with some favored for certain demographics. You can find that, like Snapchat, 90% of its users are aged between 18 years and 24 years with two third of them being female.

Plus the acquisitions and mergers of the social media sites, it has made it even easier to share content on various platforms at once, using the same login credentials like Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Alphabet is known to own YouTube and Google. There are other positives that your business will get by sharing content and switching between platforms which use the same credentials for login. L

Businesses are marketing their services and good on sites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to be able to reach their intended audiences but even with all that, there are disadvantages brought about by use of social media in businesses.

Disadvantages of social media marketing

For several decades, social media has been around and thus, most people have become comfortable with it and trust it more. But it hasn’t been this way. Like for example Facebook, using it used to be a learning curve, and there were several updates on software which altered the usability and displays. Then they use privacy default setting set to public which even after users complained, took Facebook about five years to change to visible

The negatives that business that use the social media marketing includes slow returns, costs, competitor, and complexity:

Exposure to the competitors

Social media marketing makes it possible to study the strategy of your competitors. But they can still have to study the methods of your business through the social media platform which you are using. It puts your business at a high risk of being outdone.

Needs qualified personnel

To be able to focus on the issues of your core business, you will have to employ personnel who are qualified to manage the social media marketing account.  An example is the WhatsApp Business multiple users that uses the API for business. if you decide that you do it yourself, it wi cost you even more as compared to investing the skill to a developer for social media or a marketer

Slow returns on investments

Social media marketing is an investment for long term and thus, you will have to run the campaigns for a very long time.

Tarnish the brand name

If any information that is negative finds its way to social media platform, the public will end up having a chance of expressing their dissatisfaction. In the process the name of the product will be tarnished.



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